Small Arms Procurement

What Ails India’s Military

The military might of a nation rests not only in its arsenal of cutting-edge hardware but also in the preparedness and resilience of its soldiers on the ground. India’s armed […]

Aatmanirbharta in Defence: Strides and Snags

The world experienced a seismic shift during the COVID-19 pandemic, with global norms bending and nations re-evaluating their reliance on others to support their development. In the aftermath of India’s […]

Is India Truly Self-reliant in Defence Production?

Rising phoenix-like from centuries of subjugation to foreign invaders and colonisers, India has become the fifth largest economy in three-quarters of a century, overtaking its erstwhile colonial masters. It’s well […]

Self-Reliance: A Challenging Odyssey

Seventy-six years of independence mark a remarkable period in India’s history. A nation that has undergone dynamic economic growth, diplomatic evolution, and technological advancements now stands on the threshold of […]

From Dependence to Dominance

The global powerplay and geopolitical flux are creating strategic security fragility at an unprecedented scale, from the Indo-Pacific to the trans-Atlantic. For India, China’s Himalayan forays and the Russia-Ukraine war […]