Quad Revisited – An Update

As I ‘download’ my thoughts for this piece, the Indian PM, along with other leaders of the Quad, namely, the President of USA, and the Prime Ministers of Australia and […]

Quad is No Panacea for the Himalayan Challenges

Quad is a strategic security dialogue to overtly realise the need for a “free, open and inclusive Indo Pacific” based on shared values and common interests. However its primary convergence […]

Ukraine: Supremacy of National Interests

It gives me great pride as an Indian to say that India is the only country in the world that liberated Bangladesh with the surrender of fully armed one Lakh […]

India’s Dependence on Russia Must End

The Ukraine-Russia war may well be a watershed in international relations signalling the emergence of new paradigms and alignments in the world. Putin’s cold-blooded pursuit of aggression as a means […]

HDPE to Boost Making of Superior Watercrafts

PFG, a Tasmanian company on May 10 unveiled its Sentinel 1100 -11m-long tactical watercraft designed primarily for maritime interdiction. The watercraft was unveiled at the international maritime exhibition, Indo-Pacific 2022 […]