Expectation From India’s Defence Budget

Significant Expectations As the general budget will be presented in the parliament today, significant expectations are riding on the defence segment. The country has seen some steady growth as far […]

Fissures in Defence Allocation

Ahead of the presentation of Union budget in Parliament on February 1, India’s defence sector deserves to be in the spotlight due to increased volatility with belligerent neighbours. That apart, […]

Need for India to Pursue a Civil-Military Fusion

Now a day, many nations have embarked on the path of creating a Civil-Military Fusion (CMF).  Basically, dual-use technologies and collaborations lies at the heart of any civil-military confluence. It […]

Democracy in Peril

Democracy can be messy, it can be cacophonic, decision-making can suffer from deadlocks, consensus may be a luxury, people’s will can sometimes appear to be tyrannical to quote De Tocqueville, […]

Assad, A Pariah No More

It seems as if the pariah of the Arab world, Bashar Al-Assad may soon get a reprieve, as the global and regional powers rally together to forgive him and try […]

India’s Taiwan Moment Has Arrived

Sun Tzu aptly said, “Your enemy’s enemy is your friend.” India and Taiwan have a common neighbour who believes in the expansion of its frontiers by force. India has ignored […]