SkyDrive Signs Agreement with JR Kyushu to Commence Feasibility Study in Kyushu Region

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An envisioned transfer point between railroads and flying car
Toyota, Japan – SkyDrive Inc. (SkyDrive), a leading Japanese eVTOL aircraft manufacturer based in Japan, and Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) announced July 4 that they have signed an agreement to conduct a feasibility study for eVTOL deployment in the Kyushu region of Japan.

JR Kyushu is expanding various businesses that enrich travel and lifestyles by leveraging its broad “integrated corporate strength” in railway station shopping malls, distribution, food services, tourism and leisure, business services, construction, and other areas in Kyushu.

SkyDrive and JR Kyushu believe that introducing the SKYDRIVE in Kyushu will further attract visitors to tourist destinations, contribute to regional development, and enable advanced and attractive urban development.

Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen “KAMOME” and SKYDRIVE eVTOL Aircraft
Under this partnership, SkyDrive and JR Kyushu agreed to conduct implementation studies including business plans and geographical analyses, with the aim of launching routes utilising JR Kyushu’s railroad stations, commercial facilities, and other locations.