Special Pay Key to Check Exodus of Pentagons Cyber Experts

Airbus Partners with Avincis on Advanced Air Mobility

Berlin. Airbus and Avincis, a well-established European helicopter operator, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to partner on the development of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). The companies will collaborate to […]

CityAirbus NextGen1

CityAirbus NextGen Makes Its Debut

Donauwörth. Airbus has presented its full electric CityAirbus NextGen prototype to the public, ahead of its maiden flight later this year. The two-tonne class CityAirbus, with a wing span of […]


eVTOL vs sVTOL: The Future of Military Aviation

The skies above the battlefield are about to witness a revolution. Gone are the days when armed forces relied solely on conventional aircraft with their limitations on landing and takeoff. […]

JetSetGo Announces Mega-Deal

JetSetGo Announces Mega-Deal

Hyderabad: Air services operator JetSetGo has announced plans for 280 hybrid-electric aircraft, with an additional 130 on option. The deal, valued at over US$ 1.3 billion, is in collaboration with […]