Sagar Defence Founder Capt Nikunj Parashar Receives NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Award

Defence Industry, Others

MUMBAI. Sagar Defence Engineering Pvt Ltd founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Capt Nikunj Parashar has received NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Award.

Capt Parashar received the award at the hands of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis at a national platform in a programme organised for the same in Mumbai on February 20.

Sagar Defence Engineering Pvt Ltd is a highly skilled start-up, founded with an aim to provide new innovations and complete Unmanned Marine Vehicles solutions in Commercial, Defence, & Scientific sector. “Our organization is striving to meet the never ending needs of technological competency in Maritime sector, as even the smallest problem in water becomes very large and expensive to solve.”

A suite of self-tuning command controls has been developed and trialled at sea on a range of vehicle modes. A dedicated command control board has been developed and used for remote control of surface vehicles. This offers heading, speed, depth, height and attitude control, together with dynamic positioning and hovering.

Sagar Defence Engineering has become a pioneer by launching the first unmanned marine surface vehicle for Indian armed force.