Making Debut at International Police Expo 2024, Brazilian Company Condor Showcased its Innovations


New Delhi: Participating for the first time in the two-day International Police Expo 2024 in New Delhi, Brazilian drone company Condor Tecnologias Não Letais presented its traditional portfolio of non-lethal solutions alongside its latest innovations. The event which concluded on July 5 showcased the latest technologies for the public security market in India.


The advanced Condor Drop drone stood out as it is designed to launch non-lethal loads with precision and safety. It represents a significant advancement in security operations, providing an effective tool for remote interventions. The Condor Drop is operated by an intelligent system capable of creating situational readings of the operation, which aids in command decisions.

According to the company executives, it has the capability to carry up to 48 loads, including tear gas, coloured smoke, pepper, and liquid agents, which can be launched individually or sequentially. This versatility makes Condor Drop an essential tool for various operations worldwide.

Additionally, Condor showcased the Spark-Duo, a two-shot neuromuscular disabling electrical device. This device features an intelligent system for generating data and reports and is integrated with other non-lethal Condor solutions. Condor’s line of smart grenades also drew significant attention. These grenades use advanced software to replace gunpowder with a sophisticated electronic system. They can be programmed to detonate at precise time intervals, ensuring total precision and control in operations.

Condor’s controlled impact line was another highlight, which includes the non-lethal 10 mm Defensor caliber pistol, designed for short distances with non-lethal ammunition, and the Precision 12 caliber. The Precision 12 caliber is renowned for being the most accurate 12 caliber elastomer ammunition in the world, with patents in Brazil and the USA.

big bang

Condor Tecnologias Não Letais, founded in 1985, has grown significantly and joined EDGE Group, a state-owned defence company in the United Arab Emirates, in April this year. This association transforms Condor, whose products are already present in more than 85 countries, into one of the main global players in the non-lethal solutions segment.

Highlighting the innovative capabilities of Brazilian companies, Condor’s participation in the International Police Expo 2024 also emphasised their potential to enhance public security measures in India and beyond.