Gaganyaan Mission: Manufacturing of Drogue Parachutes Needed for Safe Landing Nearing Completion


New Delhi: With the manufacturing of critical landing parachutes nearing completion at the Ordnance Equipment Factory (OEF) in Hazratpur, Firozabad, India’s ambitious Gaganyaan mission is making significant advancement. This development marks a major step forward in India’s first indigenous human spaceflight program.


Revealing that the facility is producing drouge parachutes essential for the safe return of astronauts from space, Amit Singh, General Manager of OEF stated that these parachutes play a crucial role in stabilising the module and reducing velocity during re-entry. “The Gaganyaan mission aims to safely transport astronauts to and from space,” Singh explained. “Drouge parachutes are pivotal in this process.”

Measuring 5.8 metres in diameter, these conical ribbon-type parachutes are designed to minimise canopy mechanics and mitigate opening shock, ensuring a smooth deceleration. The parachute deployment sequence involves multiple stages, beginning with the ejection of two Apex covers, followed by the separation of stabilisation parachutes and the deployment of two drouge parachutes. The final stage involves three pilot chutes extracting three main parachutes, gradually reducing velocity for a safe landing.

Highlighting the intricate manufacturing process, Singh said, “Creating one parachute canopy requires at least 5,000 hours of work.”

Finalised by DRDO in collaboration with ISRO, the design meets specific space operation requirements. Each canopy can bear approximately 1,000 kg, with three canopies in the main parachute system supporting a total weight of 3,000 kg.

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This development brings the nation one step closer to joining the elite group of countries capable of human spaceflight and points to India’s growing capabilities in space technology. The successful production of these critical components, as the Gaganyaan mission progresses, demonstrates India’s commitment to indigenous space exploration and technological advancement.