Beyond the Hype

The recent speculations about the state of affairs in China are thought-provoking. Stagflation and sluggish economic growth, US sanctions on the sale of high-tech equipment to China, a floundering real […]


Another Shot at Revamping DRDO

In less than fifteen years since the last major overhaul of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) based on Dr P Rama Rao Committee’s recommendations, the government has constituted […]

Annual Joint HADR Exercise 2023 Commences at Goa 1

Annual Joint HADR Exercise 2023 Commences at Goa

New Delhi: In keeping with the decision taken at the Combined Commanders’ Conference -2015 as per the directive of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Annual Joint HADR Exercise (AJHE) CHAKRAVAT, […]

India and Brazil Strengthening Defence Cooperation

The CEO of the Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer, Francisco Gomes Neto, has emphasised the growing defence cooperation between India and Brazil ahead of his participation in the B20 Summit in […]

India’s Bold Leap into Defence Exports

“Military strength cannot be built overnight. The process of developing indigenous military technologies and weapon systems takes a much longer time. Building organisations capable of taking up such challenging tasks […]

Journey Across Time

From the ashes of colonial oppression, India emerged as a beacon of hope in 1947, embracing its newfound independence with dreams of prosperity and sovereignty. Yet, the road to true […]