EDGE Makes Inroad into Latin America with Major Presence at LAAD Defence & Security 2023

  • Latin America’s Largest and most important defence and security trade show is scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro from 11 to 14 April
  • 10 of EDGE’s portfolio companies will exhibit 50 industry-leading advanced technology and defence products and solutions

Defence Industry

Abu Dhabi. EDGE, one of the world’s leading and fastest growing advanced technology and defence groups, will be participating for the first time at LAAD Defence & Security 2023 (LAAD), which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from April 11 to 14. The biennial event is the largest and most important defence and security trade show in Latin America. The group will showcase its diverse product portfolio, with a clear focus on autonomous systems, smart weapons, and electronic warfare, highlighting the vast export potential of EDGE’s technologically advanced defence products and solutions to the Brazilian market, and others across the continent, and also for new commercial and security partnerships.


The event comes close on the heels of EDGE’s highly successful participation at the IDEX 2023 defence exhibition in Abu Dhabi, where it announced major sales contracts worth US$ 5 billion, over US$1.1 billion of which were in international export deals, and where it launched 14 new products, including 11 breakthrough autonomous and unmanned products and solutions.

Mansour AlMulla, Managing Director and CEO of EDGE, said: “EDGE’s participation at LAAD 2023 allows us to showcase our advanced capabilities across air, land, sea, and cyber domains, and is a clear indication of the great importance EDGE places on the Brazilian market, and other major markets in Latin America. We aim to build on the valuable partnerships we hold with some of the region’s major players, and to forge new collaborations to expand our presence through exports, by growing local supply chains, and to assist in the development of national defence capabilities across the continent.”

10 of EDGE’s portfolio companies will display approximately 50 advanced solutions and products covering the domains of autonomous air and land systems, naval systems, precision-guided munitions, small arms and ammunition, and electronic warfare.

In the domain of autonomous air systems, EDGE will showcase the HUNTER SP (Soldier Portable) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the tube-launched HUNTER 2-S swarming UAV system, and the REACH-S unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV). The QX-1, QX-2, QX-3 series of loitering munitions, and the new QX6-50 fixed-wing logistic UAV will also be displayed, along with the GARMOOSHA rotary-wing UAV. High Lander, in which EDGE holds a major shareholding, will display its Universal UTM (Universal Traffic Management) system for drone operations, and its interactive Mission Control Platform.

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Autonomous land systems and solutions will be represented by the Milrem THeMIS Combat UGV and the Multiscope Rescue UGV.

In the domain of precision-guided munitions, EDGE will showcase its multi-range THUNDER and DESERT STING air-to-surface precision-guided munitions, the SKYKNIGHT air defence missile, the NASEF low cost cruise missile, the AL TARIQ-S (Standard Range), and AL TARIQ-LR (Long Range) advanced, modular precision-guided munitions, in addition to the Rash 1-M, Rash 2-H, and Rash 2-M precision-guided munition systems.


For small arms and ammunition, EDGE will display its CARACAL F pistols, CMP 9 submachine guns, CAR 816 and CAR 817 assault rifles, and CSR 50, CSR 308, and CSR 338 sniper rifles, and a full range of small calibre ammunition.

EDGE’s advanced naval capabilities will include the ADSB 160 ITEP (Inshore Tactical Engagement Platform), 120 FIP (Fast Inshore Platform), 510 OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel), and the 170 M-Detector USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel).

The group’s extensive electronic warfare solutions will include the GNSS anti-jamming system, GPS-PROTECT, its sophisticated NAVCONTROL-G spoofing system, the V-PROTECT radio frequency (RF) communication jamming system, and the ACTIVE CELL-A airborne cellular solution.

LAAD takes place with the institutional support of the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Justice, the Brazilian Public Security structure, and brings together international manufacturers and suppliers of defence and technology solutions for Armed Forces, Special Forces, Law Enforcement, and high-ranking executives from the defence and security industry, government agencies, large corporations, and those in charge of critical infrastructure.

Attendees of LAAD can visit EDGE at stand S42, Riocentro Exhibition & Convention Center, Salvador Allende Avenue, 6.555 – Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.