Countering the Dragon


The major highlights in the last few months have been the great game of power between the US and China, the Israel-Palestine conflict, emerging civil war-like situation in Afghanistan and humankind’s epic battle with the invisible, sneaky virus to ensure that the future is not apocalyptic. All of these, directly or indirectly affects India and has compelled it to cautiously attend to the rising multiple challenges.

Currently, the world is passing through a perfect storm. And as a part of this imperfect world, India has to thrive by choosing its own path. It needs to give a deep thought to Reboot itself, Reset its goal, Redefine its priorities, Revamp its action and Rethink the strategy to emerge stronger as a nation and as an evolving idea for a better world. But is India ready for it? The answer would be both yes and no—depending on one’s optimism and pessimism quotient.


The reality of impermanence and uncertainty in the emerging new world order provides India with an opportunity to position itself at the centre-stage. India has to regain its growth momentum with certainty, achieve the economic powerhouse status and secure itself militarily.

India’s rise is not just illusory optimism. The dent it made in China’s inflated ego and dubious character proves that it is achievable. It is time that the world rallies around India to halt the Chinese aggression and hypocrisy and to make China understand that its Schadenfreude is over and it is in the Backpfeifengesicht stance.

India’s prospects for emerging as the preferred alternative of choice to the PRC for production platforms have been slow, somewhat off-track. Why? India needs to examine closely a string of ‘coincidences’, understand the reasons and its impact and eventually work smartly to turn the tide positively.

On the domestic front, a growing perception of the government being out of its depth in the real world, relying more on a show of doing instead of actually doing due to its lack of interest in knowing and listening—needs to change in quick time.

big bang

The slew of reforms undertaken in the defence sector and the armed forces fall short of real intent. With more focus in the world of finance, executing a winning combination comprising more resources and ‘atmanirbharta’ would make possible India’s unstoppable rise as a top military power with a strong defence industry.

Shouldn’t Indian defence dabblers appreciate the fact that in geopolitics, high economic growth that is consistent and equitable matters the most.


Taking note of the geostrategic positioning, India has to navigate prudently and be a facilitator in bringing Russia and the US closer enough to isolate China in the ongoing triangular power tussle—with the main opponents being the US and China with Russia on the lookout to regain its lost global power status. After all, as a rival in the Asia strategic space, India has to compete with China both in economic and military spheres and strive to narrow down the asymmetry.

Hope Raksha Anirveda’s July – September edition will meet the reader’s expectations. The team eagerly waits for your insightful feedback.

Jai Hind!!.


Ajit Kumar Thakur
Editor & Business Director