Narinder Modi

Playing the Balancing Game

The foreign policy of a country is said to be a matter of stability. Respecting the initiatives of the predecessor administrations on key national issues that have international ramifications is […]


Navigating India’s Future Trajectory in 2024

Amidst a volatile and unpredictable global landscape, India’s rise faces diverse challenges and threats that mandate comprehensive strategies and preparedness to navigate the future. An evolving India must see itself […]

India and Brazil Strengthening Defence Cooperation

The CEO of the Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer, Francisco Gomes Neto, has emphasised the growing defence cooperation between India and Brazil ahead of his participation in the B20 Summit in […]

India @ 2047: The Role of Citizenry

The Idea of India: “The Idea of India” is a phrase that often refers to the diverse and pluralistic nature of India as a nation, encompassing its cultural, social, religious, and […]