Ukraine-Russia War Photos showing use of Missile

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Trade Amidst War

In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the subsequent imposition of sanctions by Western nations, the global business landscape has experienced seismic shifts. The conflict’s far-reaching impacts have sparked […]

Zorawar: The Snow Leopard

Post Operation Juniper, which lasted for 73 days in June-August 2017 at the Doklam Plateau on India, Bhutan and Tibet tri-junction, the clash between the Chinese and Indian patrols again […]

Battling Amorphous Adversaries

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has unfolded as a pivotal turning point in multiple aspects. At the forefront of this transformation is the notable utilisation of electronic-centric dual-use technologies (ECDUT) by […]

India’s Rise and Global Dynamics

As we reach the halfway mark of 2023, India continues to impress with its sustained growth momentum, leaving the world in awe of its potential. It is evident that India’s […]