Satellite Imagery Shows Russian Build-up in Belarus, Air Alert Declared in Kyiv


Foreign Affairs

Tel Aviv: An intelligence report prepared by an Israeli company – ImageSat International based on satellite imagery of the Belarus region carried out on March 8  reveals the arrival of another A50 / A100 early warning aircraft (AWACS) to the Baranovichi air base, about 420 km from the capital Kyiv.


When compared to the previous photo taken on March 6, in which 2 such aircraft were seen, indicates the continuous Russian build-up amid the air alert declared in Kyiv. Such aircraft are designed for various missions, the main ones – coordinating air strikes by fighter jets and helicopters. These aircraft have the ability to send real-time data to Russian air defence systems.

In addition, in today’s photo, 2 Mil Mi-26 transport helicopters were identified. These helicopters are heavy transport helicopters, their main function is to transport military equipment to remote areas, such as armoured vehicles and mobile ballistic missiles.

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