SAS Technology Conducts Flight Testing of AIHMI (AHM-1X) Loitering Munition Loaded with Dummy Thales FZ-90 (70mm) Rocket, UCAV SARISA SRS-1A Used as a Carrier


Athens: SAS Technology, on June 2, 2023, conducted a successful flight test of the AIHMI S.O.L.M. (Stand-Off Loitering Munition) system. This accomplishment marks another significant advancement in its defence program, which has provided cutting-edge innovative solutions to the Hellenic and international defence industry.


The test was conducted shortly after the Athens DEFEA ’23 exhibition held from May 9 to 11, where SAS Technology unveiled the system to the public for the first time. This successful flight test demonstrates SAS Technology’s dedication to fulfilling its commitment of promptly testing this unique aerial system.

AIHMI AHM-1X (also known as Sharp Point or Spearhead in Greek) was evaluated in its standard configuration loaded with a dummy 2.75” rocket, and it was released from the UCAV SARISA SRS-1A, an unmanned combat aerial vehicle designed by SAS Technology.

The ΑΙΗΜΙ SOLM belongs to a new breed of innovative loitering munition systems, that turns a known and reliable weapon like the 2.75 (70mm) rocket, from a short-range weapon to a medium and extended range one, with significant loitering time and range.

The AIHMI can deliver a “surgical” precision hit on a target in long distances (60-100 km) depending on the release altitude, combining powered and gliding flight phases. At the terminal phase it launches its rocket from a distance of up to 7 km from the target (STAND-OFF), remaining outside of target’s protection zone (Anti Drone or A/A defence systems). AIHMI can be carried and delivered by the UCAV SARISA or a fixed wing UCAV like TALOS II, which is under development from SAS Technology. It could also with proper modification, be carried by attack helicopters or slower aircraft.

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This system in a lower cost configuration, can also be also loaded with unguided rockets, like the Thales FZ-90 rocket. Because of the nature of the system’s missions, it could best fit army and navy operations using mainly SARISA UCAV as a carrier, or the Air Force using it as munition for TACTICAL or MALE fixed wing UCAV.


During the Test the AIHMI was launched from an altitude of 300m AGL. The objective was to evaluate its flight characteristics and performance. For safety reasons, as it was its first flight, the control was always to the Remote Pilot, but in its normal operation it will perform Automated Flight to the Target.

The AIHMI was fully controllable in precision manoeuvres, it performed go arounds within the selected flight area and it demonstrated ability to climb in higher throttle settings. The AIHMI flight speeds during the test varied from 85 to 175 km/h. This flight test in real conditions and with typical load, proved the SAS Technology’s engineering team’s design and ensured that the system is ready to enter the production phase.

SAS has already started receiving advance orders from customers, that will be finalised after, the firing test that is to follow soon, and will be conducted under the auspices of the Hellenic MOD authorities and with the support of SAS partners, Hellenic Defense Systems (HDS) and Thales Belgium.

Link to Flight Test Video: