Israel Declares “Shadow War” Against the Iranian Nuclear Program


Foreign Affairs


Tel Aviv: Israel has declared a “shadow war” against the Iranian nuclear program. This unusual step was taken after Israel understood that it was left alone in the war against nuclear Iran. Israel is very disappointed from the American attitude to the nuclear talks in Vienna.

An Israeli source told Raksha Anirveda that the Iranian are leading Washington by the nose – “the Iranian are winning time in these fruitless talks and each day they are getting closer to the bomb”.

According to Israeli Channel 12 news, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s call on December 2 with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was “long and tough,” with the Israeli leader making clear that Israel opposes the notion of a “less for less” nuclear deal with Iran.

Channel 12’s reporters assert that relations with Washington are encountering something of a crisis over the Iranian issue, as evidenced by Mossad chief David Barnea’s tough remarks . Barnea said in an internal organization ceremony that Mossad will thwart any efforts made by Teheran to get nuclear weapons.

“We will not enable Iran to possess nuclear weapons – not in the coming years, not ever. This is my personal commitment, this is the Mossad’s commitment. Our eyes are open, we are alert, and together with our colleagues in the Israeli defence establishment, we will do whatever it takes to keep the Iranian nuclear threat away from the State of Israel and to thwart it in every way,” Barnea said.

In recent years the Israeli Mossad has been very active in the Israeli effort to stop the Iranian race to the bomb.

Many of these actions are still unknown to the public, while others have been allegedly been performed by the Israeli  intelligence and covert actions organization.

The highlight of this ongoing effort, was the very complex Mossad operation that resulted in bringing the Iranian nuclear archive to Israel in a “James Bond” style operation. Before and since this operation that Israel openly admitted it had performed, dozens of actions against Iranian nuclear sites and nuclear scientists were reported by the international media.