Iranian UAVs Tested in Eastern Syria, Israeli Air Force Strike Iranian Targets in Syria


Foreign Affairs

Tel Aviv: The Iranian Revolutionary Guards conducted tests of Iranian drones in the field, in the eastern rural area of al-Raqqa province in Syria, confirmed Syrian sources.

According to media sources, two Iranian UAVs were launched on April 14 from Deir a-Zur military airport in the direction of Jabal al-Bishri, southeast of Raka, each carrying out three attacks with guided missiles. The sources stated that “Iranian UAVs arrived at the military airport in Deir a-Zor, after being transported through Iraqi soil using two military trucks, with the aim of conducting flight tests in the desert areas.

The sources revealed that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had previously conducted an experiment with these UAV’s at sites in the Hyan Mountains in the eastern Homs Desert. The Iranian tests of their UAV’s is Syria are almost identical to the tests of military systems performed by the Russian in Syria, in recent years.

According to Syrian sources, the Israeli air force has attacked targets in Syria that are related to Iran. The attack occurred on April 14 night and was the second Israeli strike in Syria in a week, according to Syrian reports.

Syrian state news agency SANA, said that the strike was carried out from over the Golan Heights. The strike targeted sites near the towns of Rakhlah and Qatana, southwest of Damascus, according to the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV. The Scientific Studies and Research Centre in Jamraya was also targeted.