Elbit Systems Plans to Open Two Production Sites in Morocco

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Elbit Systems will manufacture defence systems for Moroccan defence forces and African nations at its planned production sites in Morocco. Elbit Systems recently announced that it plans to open two sites in Morocco.


Sources said that one of the facilities will be situated in the Casablanca region, but there is no confirmation to this information. Morocco wants some more types of Israeli weapon systems and according to the sources, the shopping list is “more diversified” now.

Since the signing of the Abraham accords in 2020 Morocco became a very serious client of the Israeli defence industries. The reason for that change of requirements is the continued tensions between Morocco and Algeria that stems in spite of UN mediation. The dispute is over the status of Western Sahara, where Morocco’s sovereignty claims seem to have gained international recognition.

Morocco needs advanced weapon systems and the new relations with Israel has opened some very lucrative options for Rabat. In February, Israel and Morocco concluded a $500 million deal  to provide the kingdom with the Barak MX air and missile defence system manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

Barak-MX is a modular air defence system and is designed to address missile and aircraft threats. It operates both in marine platforms and land, and belongs to the Barak missile family.

big bang

The deal with the Israeli company is part of Morocco’s effort to get advanced weapon systems to be better ready for the conflict with neighbouring Algeria. After the initial agreement signed between Israel and Morocco, the Moroccans have submitted a long list of Israeli made military systems they want to acquire from Israeli companies.

After purchasing 150 eVTOL drones made by Israeli company Bluebird, Morocco is evaluating more types of Israeli made unmanned air systems. The deal included two types – the WanderB and the ThunderB. Now Morocco is evaluating more types. The variety of UAV types has grown after Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI ) acquired 50 % of Bluebird. The first contract includes performing some of the production in Morocco.


Morocco has asked Israel to supply its armed forces with a long list of advanced defence systems. The list includes different types of UAV’s , radars, communication system and early warning systems. According to Israeli sources, the list includes some very advanced offensive ones. The demand explains Elbit’s decision to establish two sites in Morocco.

Adding further, the sources said that in the first phase the systems will be assembled at the sites but with time some production lines will be opened. Elbit Systems was not ready to add more information about its planned activity in Morocco.