Cockpit Innovation – El Al’s Innovation Arm to Present IntellAct’s Real-Time Operational Efficiency Solution at WAF 2021


Civil Aviation

Tel Aviv: Cockpit Innovation – El Al’s innovation arm, is a leading Israeli Aviation Hub for innovative start-ups. Cockpit Innovation will present for the first time at WAF 2021, an operational efficiency solution for real-time automatic detection of ground service equipment and turnaround services, developed by “IntellAct”- a member of Cockpit’s Hub.

While the ever-changing environment is leading toward a digital world, the vast digitalization process hasn’t skipped on the aviation industry, which enjoys many benefits along with many challenges. One of the major challenges lies in operational efficiency, the process of managing quick, smart, and accurate up-to-date data is crucial to reduce operation time, costs and uncertainty. To keep airports and airlines profitable and effective, maintenance departments and ground handling operations are under more pressure than ever to speed up aircraft turnaround times that aggravated during the Covid-19 pandemic with worldwide disruptions causing flights to be cancelled or delayed.

Cockpit Innovation, which partners with and invests in start-ups improving the world of aviation, has recognized IntellAct’s solution, for real-time automatic detection of ground service equipment and turnaround services, as an innovative solution that best addresses this problem. Using artificial intelligence to analyse the millions of CCTV cameras monitoring airports, IntellAct recognizes operational bottlenecks, increasing efficiency and improving safety.


Cockpit Innovation has invested in IntellAct, demonstrating its belief in the company and the effectiveness of its software, and started a pilot project with El Al Airlines at Ben-Gurion Airport in Israel to refine IntellAct’s solution for the aviation industry’s needs.

According to Oz Eliav, Cockpit Innovations’ general manager: “IntellAct technology uses image recognition and data science which can identify and analyse the processes just by watching a video, it is machine learning with no human intervention. The computer learns how each player looks and can identify it”.

Oz Eliav adds further, “the software is cloud-based so there is no need to install any additional hardware. By comparing what happened at each stage of the turnaround process with what should happen, it is easy to find out what, if anything, went wrong”.

Oz Eliav will attend the World Aviation Festival in London as a speaker on December 1 at 15:10 hrs. and will discuss how airlines can use data science to create a more complete single view of operations and support real-time and agile decision-making. The case of IntellAct is a great model for an airline embedding start-up solutions in data science to improve the costs and efficiency of its operations and create an agile decision in real-time based on data.

Udi Segall, Intellect’ CEO will join Cockpit Innovation’ team at the event. Cockpit Innovation is an airline venture arm with a mission to enhance innovation and invest in early-stage entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies in the fields of Aviation and Air Travel. Cockpit Innovation was established by El Al Israel Airlines in 2015.

Cockpit Innovation gained fast traction in the industry, partnering with Jet Blue Airlines and Lufthansa Systems. While welcoming new shareholders, Boeing Industries and Gate Group, Cockpit Innovation built its three main pillars around hands-on innovative products, holistic services and strategic investments aiming to globally partner with companies for the purpose of digital transformation in the emerging era.

Recognizing the immediacy and importance of protecting aviation market infrastructure, data and information and communication systems against cyber threats, Cockpit Innovation has created a pool of collaborations with innovative start-ups’ and promising technologies in order to create a framework that will provide a holistic solution for securing the infrastructure in a functional and transverse way.