Satellite Imagery Shows Large Scale Destruction of Ukrainian Infrastructure


Foreign Affairs

Tel Aviv: The continued and intensified fighting in Ukraine results in the destruction of more infrastructure in Ukraine. ISI’s intelligence report – ImageSat International based on satellite imagery of the southern Ukraine region, taken on March 13 at 13:30 (Israel time) reveals further damage to infrastructure and buildings as a result of the fighting in the country.

The Israeli satellites are covering the fighting area in Ukraine in many hours of the day. According to Ukrainian official, a Russian missile attack on a large Ukrainian military facility near the border with Poland on March 13 killed 35 people and wounded 134. The 360 sq. km facility less than 25 km from the Polish border, is one Ukraine’s biggest and the largest in the western part of the country. Since February 24, more than 2.5 million people have fled across borders and thousands of people are trapped in besieged cities.