S-400 Missile to Reach India by Year End : Director, FSMTC

Defence Industry

New Delhi: The delivery of the first battalion of Russian S-400 Triumf ‘Sa-21 Growler’ missile will be reaching India ahead of the annual India-Russia summit.


Talking to the media  on the sidelines of the ongoing Dubai Airshow, Dmitry Shugaev, Director, FSMTC said, “Russia has started the process for the delivery of the Air Defence System to India,” and that “the system is reaching India by the end of the year.”

According to sources, all the technology related steps of production have been completed. Also the whole process of transferring of equipment to India as well as acceptance has been completed. A contract between the two countries was inked in 2018 at the end of the annual summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the contract worth US$ 5.43 billion, Indian Air Force will get S-400 Triumf ‘SA-21Growler’. This is a long-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system and will help in strengthening India’s Air Defence. Under the contract India is getting five Triumf regimental kits from Russia and the delivery will be completed by 2025.

A team from the IAF has been in Moscow undergoing training for operating the system when it arrives later this year. This system has 92N6E electronically-steered phased array radar. This radar is resistant to jamming.

Once deployed, this system which is considered to be the best in the world will be able to not only detect but also to destroy low and high targets. It will also form a grid of missiles which cannot be penetrated through.

There are four types of missiles with different ranges and can be deployed in a short time. The ranges are between 40 km, 100 km, 200 km and 400 km.

The payment process for this system has already been formalized between the two countries and it is not dependent on the American dollar. The payments have been decided to be Rupee-Rouble and through banks identified by the two countries.

China has through sea route taken the delivery of the second batch of the S-400 Triumph (NATO code name SA-21 Growler).

In 2017, the Trump administration had introduced the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act or CAATSA. And during different stages of discussions with the US officials, India has made it very clear that the discussions for the process for getting S-400 from Russia had started much before the US sanctions on Russia.

The militaries of India and China are in an 18 month long standoff and China has already deployed the S-400 air Defence System on their side along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. And the Indian Air Force has a very important offensive role to play as the land terrain in that region is very tough and inhospitable.

These air defence systems are truck deployable. This has an advantage as this mobility makes it difficult for others to detect it. The Border Road Organisation (BRO) which has been working on road infrastructure will help in moving S-400 SAM mounted heavy trucks on the Indian side. Overall, S-400 SAMs shall provide India with an offensive and a defensive capability.