Half way through 2020, the signs of change has started showing up. The message is already there. Rise from the slumber, declare, work and be the change, bond together instead of drifting away. Old ways won’t open new doors and normal is an illusion. What seems normal to many is chaos to others. The real change doesn’t comes merely through ideas, it needs the power of conviction from heart to take a real form.
India’s strength has always been unity in diversity. Somewhere, this strength has started weakening up as embracing and celebrating the differences is no longer welcomed. Has Indian leadership trapped itself being overconfident with stupidity? If so, it’s a very dangerous combination. Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. Is it the wide vacuum that exists between leadership and learning that has failed India? The trend needs to be reversed now as it will make India stronger on all fronts.

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Raksha Anirveda is a new age print publication (quarterly) with a digital presence. It’s about the disruptive ideas, technological innovations and events shaping the Indian and global defence and aerospace industry. The content ranges over everything from news to in-depth analysis.

Raksha Anirveda coverage offers context and insight for the deeper consumer of news and influences alike. We hope to create an objective middle path to build bridges in an opinionated world. Our content will be wide spread for 360 degree coverage of the defence sector with special emphasis on the indigenous defence sector.

As the flagship publication of PBG Media Ventures, Raksha Anirveda hopes to curate a likeable and trusted space for itself among its stakeholders. We will reflect an upright personality that’s constructive, eclectic and believable.

The Defence and Aerospace sector – both Indian and Global, is complex, exciting, layered, evolving and interesting. We strive to be the same.