ParaZero Develops Safety System-SafeAir for Heavy Drones


Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Israeli company ParaZero has developed a safety system that enables the safe operation of heavy drones over populated areas. This system will allow the use of different types of heavy drones for commercial and security missions over populated areas with a high level of security.


The Israeli company’s systems is based on a parachute that is activated, aided by a patented ballistic parachute launcher to fully open the canopy in a fraction of a second.

ParaZero has taken a leadership position in the global drone ecosystem, working with regulators, manufacturers, and operators to establish an effective framework for managing risk. They have developed a flexible suite of solutions that encompasses a wide range of unmanned aircraft: with different systems for each weight class.

These systems are designed to precisely monitor a wide variety of elements during every second of a flight.

SafeAir can automatically identify a potential problem, and react instantly: arresting the flight, launching our patented parachute system to mitigate descent, and alerting the pilot and people on the ground.

ParaZero is the leading provider of drone safety systems for small drones, those that weigh less than 50 kg. Small drones are the most widely used platforms for commercial applications from law enforcement and public safety to mapping. Equipping small drones with safety systems, including parachutes, is proven to help make the safety case for flight over people and flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Heavier drone platforms – those from 50 kg to 350 kg – open an entirely new field of applications. Heavier payloads can carry larger and more sophisticated sensors, enabling long range GIS applications, use in movie and film environments, and military applications.  In the disaster response, firefighting, and security sectors, heavier platforms are performing critical operations from fire suppression to border patrol.  And, as drone delivery takes flight across the globe, heavier drone platforms offer the opportunity to carry payloads of more than a few pounds, launching on-demand unmanned delivery of critical equipment for industrial applications. Cargo delivery, port logistics, and energy exploration are all among the fastest-growing sectors in the unmanned industry.

Many of these applications for large drones require BVLOS or flight over people to realize their full potential.  Drone safety systems are even more critical to these larger platforms. Safety systems like SafeAir allow operators to make the regulatory safety case for long range flight and to reduce risks to expensive payloads, as well as assets and people on the ground.

ParaZero is known for its off-the-shelf products. At the same time, it also provide semi-off-the-shelf offerings, which require some modifications to accommodate new aircraft designs and frequently develops completely new, bespoke systems.  Custom designed parachute launchers cater to the unique aerodynamic, weight, and operational requirements of newly developed unmanned systems.

According to the company, a new sector of larger commercial drone platforms is rapidly emerging.  When these larger drone platforms are able to fly safely beyond visual line of sight and over people, entirely new fields of operations become possible. Unmanned aircraft are a force multiplier for communities around the world – saving lives and transforming industries.

“We’re proud to be working on the cutting edge of the industry, helping to enable the safe operation of developing drone platforms of all sizes,” says ParaZero Director of Business Development, Aaron Gabriel Gliner.  “We want to ensure that the newest platforms on the market can reach their full potential. Companies need to make the safety case for flying beyond visual line of sight and over people – we know how to do that.”