Man Hands Over Entire Savings of Rs 1.08 crore to Defence Ministry

Indian Air Force

New Delhi. In a touching gesture, a former Indian Air Force (IAF) Airman donated Rs 1.08 crore to the Defence Ministry, saying that he wanted to give back to the armed forces what he got from there.

The Airman C.B.R. Prasad handed over the cheque to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and he said “Rajnath Singh was happy to see that such a small sepoy was giving his entire savings back to the defence.”

Prasad, 74, who runs a poultry farm said, “After fulfilling my family responsibilities, I thought I should give back to the armed forces whatever I got from there. I decided to give Rs 1.08 crore to the defence ministry.”

He served the IAF for around nine years to take up a job at the Indian Railways. However, he started a poultry farm after failing to land the job.

“After nine years, I left the Indian Air Force (IAF) because the Indian Railways offered me a good job. Unfortunately, I did not get that job. I started a small poultry farm for my livelihood. Fortunately, I did well,” he said.

Prasad was all smiles when asked if his family supported him. He said, “Absolutely, no problem. I have given my daughter two per cent of my property and one per cent to my wife. Rest 97 per cent, I am giving back to society.”

He recalled his days of struggle and said, “I left home with Rs 5 in my pocket and earned 500-acre land with my hard work.”

He has also set up a sports campus to trains kids with the aim to participate in the Olympics.

“As a child, I dreamt of winning an Olympic medal but could not do so. I built a sports university-like campus in about 50 acres of land, I have been training children for last 20-years,” Prasad said.