Israel Tightens Economic Pressure on the Hezbollah’s Precision Project in Lebanon, Issues Seizure Order Against Lebanese Companies


Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Israel is enhancing its campaign aimed at foiling the Hezbollah effort to equip its units with more accurate rockets. While continuing to destroy shipments of systems aimed at increasing the accuracy of the Iranian rockets, Israel is now acting against Lebanese companies that are involved in the terror organization efforts.

Israel Defence Minister Beny Gantz signed an administrative seizure order against Lebanese companies supplying raw materials for Hezbollah’s precision project. This is the second time in recent months that the Defense Establishment has issued an order aimed at undermining Hezbollah’s precision project.

Minister Gantz said that Hezbollah is endangering the citizens of Lebanon and the State of Lebanon – “We will continue to offer humanitarian assistance to the citizens and act resolutely in the face of the Iranian precision project operating from the heart of Lebanon.”

As part of a joint operation by Israel Military Intelligence and the National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing of Israel (NBCTF) at the Ministry of Defence, Minister Gantz signed a seizure order for three Lebanese companies that maintain trade relations on an ongoing basis with Hezbollah, and provide them with equipment used for the precision project.

This order is part of the Defence Minister’s directive to tighten economic pressure on the precision project in Lebanon, and joins a seizure order signed by the Defence Minister last August against a similar company.

The companies against which the seizure order was issued are TOUFALI, MOUBAYED and BARAKAT. These companies trade in machines, oils and ventilation systems that are required for Hezbollah’s production line and the precision project in particular.

The Defense Minister’s seizure orders will allow the companies to be blacklisted in the world’s financial systems and will make it very difficult for them to continue operating.