Israel and Boeing Sign Agreement to Promote Cyber Defence in Civil Aviation



Tel Aviv: Israel will cooperate with Boeing in promoting cyber defence in civil aviation. Civil aviation is characterized by many technological developments that produce new complexities and cyber challenges. These developments require preparation in advance for adequate cyber protection.

As part of the efforts of the national cyber network to promote national and international moves to find cyber solutions, the network signed a cooperation agreement with the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The agreement was signed by Gabi Portnoy, Head of the National Cyber Division, Boeing Israel President Maj. Gen.(Ret.) Ido Nehushtan and Boeing Vice President of Cyber Systems Management Brian Conley.

Boeing, which specializes in aerospace and space systems, is considered the third largest security company in the world and the largest exporter in the United States. The company manufactures and provides service for commercial aircraft, defence products and space systems for customers in more than 150 countries.


As part of the agreement it was agreed to share knowledge, identify threats, promote understanding of risks and methodologies to reduce them, as well as develop solutions for the protection of civil aviation, in cooperation with the cyber and aviation industries in Israel and the United States.

According to Tamir Goren, Director of Technologies at the National Cyber Network: “More will join the collective effort following the agreement. Only with a joint international effort will we be able to ensure cyber security in civil aviation.”

The agreement is part of a strategic plan of the cyber Array and the Civil Aviation Authority to promote cyber defence capabilities on civil aviation.

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