IAI Announces New Appointments

Company President and CEO Boaz Levy continues to strengthen company management at IAI

  • Guy Bar Lev appointed Executive VP of Systems Missiles and Space Group
  • Shmuel Kuzi appointed Executive VP and General Manager of Aviation Group
  • Eitan Eshel appointed Executive VP, Chief Technology Officer
  • Avi Elisha appointed GM of the MBT Missile Division

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel’s largest industrial, defense and technology company and employer of approximately 15,000 people, announced a series of appointments in the company’s executive management. The company’s growth has been evidenced by its record-breaking performance over the past two years. The first half of 2021 yielded excellent results, and the company presented record profit of USD 100 million. As such, the company seeks to strengthen its executive management in order to tackle the challenges presented by the everchanging market and to continue the company’s growth. This comes in light of changing market challenges, including technological developments, needs of clients, competitiveness and IAI’s ability to face future challenges.

Guy Bar Lev has been appointed as Executive VP & GM of Systems Missiles and Space Group. Bar Lev served as deputy GM of Systems Missiles & Space Group and previously as Operations VP at Eltel. After serving in various commanding roles in the IDF’s Border Protection Division, Bar Lev finished his military services as Chief Intelligence Reconnaissance Officer.

Shmuel Kuzi will serve as Executive VP and General Manager of Aviation Group. Kuzi led the initiative to unite the engines factory, accessories, flight lines, and MRO into a single business entity within the Aviation Group, and served as GM of the unified business line, Bedek-MRO division. In the past, Kuzi served as Executive VP of Central and North America at El Al, as well as Executive VP of Maintenance, Logistics and Engineering. Kuzi joined IAI in 2018, and in his last role in the IDF served as Commander of the Aerial Maintenance Unit.

Eitan Eshel has been appointed Executive VP Chief Technology Officer. Eshel served as Executive VP of Marketing and Business Development in the Land and Military Manufacturing Division at Elbit. Prior to joining Elbit, Eshel served as Executive VP of Signal Intelligence at Elisra, which followed 18 years in the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) in the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD), where he served as head of R&D in his last role.

Avi Elisha has been appointed GM of the MBT missile division. Elisha served as IAI’s TAMAM Division GM since 2015 and joined IAI in 2013 and served as Manager of Electro-Optics in the TAMAM Division. In his last role in the IDF, Elisha served as Director of Munition Systems in the Technological Division of the IDF Ground Forces.

Guy Bar Lev will begin his new role immediately, and the other nominees will begin serving in their new positions in the coming weeks.

IAI President and CEO, Boaz Levy: “As a company, we must prepare for the challenges of the present and the future – by strengthening our executive management, entering new markets, expanding our operational and technological vision, building new product lines, and leading the future battlefield. The new nominations we are announcing today will help the company management prepare for the above-mentioned challenges of the present and the future, and to fulfill the company’s business targets by continuing the record high results – as reported in our financial statements for the first half of 2021, a period of record profits reaching USD 100 million. The new additions to the company include individuals who grew within IAI and are experts in business, military and civilian affairs. I am certain they will strengthen the company.”