Celebrating Gunners Day Showcases Regiment of Artillery’s Unwavering Commitment to the Nation

Indian Army

New Delhi: Artillery is considered to be a jewel and has a special place in the Indian Army which takes great pride in its artillery unit.  In the annals of the history of the Regiment of Artillery, September 28 has a special significance as 5 Mountain Battery was raised on 28 September 1827. Artillery has stood the time test and has been a crucial force in past battles, and it remains just as important today. The Kargil War and the ongoing conflict in Russia and Ukraine have underlined this fact.

According to sources in the Army, “The gunners in this division are known for their bravery and exceptional skills. They’ve faced tough situations and emerged victorious in many conflicts since India gained independence. Artillery has consistently proven itself as a game-changer in battles.”

Celebrated as “Gunners Day”, September 28 this year marks the 197th anniversary. Over the years, the Regiment of Artillery has grown into a formidable force and its evolution from history’s battlefield triumphs to modern advancement has been remarkable. Gunners Day represents the unwavering commitment of the Regiment of Artillery to serve the Indian Army and the nation with dedication and resolve.

Preparing for the future, the Regiment of Artillery is modernising their equipment and transitioning from manual to automatic, analog to digital, and conventional to smart technologies. Modern artillery weapons have extended their range and destructive power, making them even more versatile ensuring their readiness for any situation.

The importance of firepower on the battlefield have been well portrayed in the recent conflicts worldwide, including the Russia-Ukraine war. Learning valuable lessons from these conflicts, the Regiment of Artillery is  shaping its development plans and doctrines. They are modernising their equipment, with 155mm becoming the standard caliber for all artillery guns. Various advanced artillery systems, like Ultra-Light Howitzers, K9 Vajra Gun Systems, Dhanush Gun Systems, Sharang Gun Systems, Pinaka Rockets, and Swathi Weapon Locating Radar, have already been introduced. And, there are plans to acquire even more advanced gun systems in the future.

Keeping up abreast with technological advancements, developing precision ammunition and other systems to enhance their strike capabilities, the Regiment is also investing in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance equipment to improve battlefield transparency and firepower. They are also focusing on networked and automated systems, with upgrades in their Artillery Combat Command and Control System and Battlefield Surveillance System. On the human resources front, the Regiment of Artillery recently commissioned ten Women Officers from OTA, Chennai, into their ranks, marking a significant step toward inclusivity and diversity. The Gunners are also excelling in adventure and sports activities, such as Mountaineering, White Water Rafting, and Para Gliding, bringing honour to the Indian Army and the nation.