Elbit Systems Demonstrates Legion-X Concept Allowing Autonomous Combat Operation of Unmanned Systems

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Israeli company Elbit Systems has demonstrated its Legion-X concept that allows autonomous combat operation of unmanned systems on the ground and in the air.

In a company’s site in central Israel, the revolutionary concept was demonstrated by different types of the company’s ground and air unmanned systems that performed a number of combat missions that included the use of Swarm of Autonomous Drones – for terrain dominance including planning and control of search, detection and automatic targets recognition (ATR) to enhance & expedite effectiveness of sensor to shooter cycle.

In addition, the Legion-X concept was used to demonstrate a border protection Autonomous Solution that uses ground and aerial robotic platforms including autonomous navigation and mission capabilities. Another mission demonstrated was a Tactical Force protection using different types of the Israeli company’s multi rotor drones.

According to Elbit Systems, Legion-X is an autonomous networked combat solution based on robotic platforms and heterogeneous swarms. The innovative modular solution provides a comprehensive, all-in-one system for planning, operation and management of all types of unmanned platforms and missions that enables tactical superiority at all echelons, enhancing efficiency and transforming capabilities in multi-domain warfare.

Legion-X provides an advantage in peer/near peer adversary combat scenarios, enabling coordinated deployment of swarms of connected, heterogeneous autonomous platforms and payloads.

Designed to support a wide range of human-machine teaming (HMT) operations, Legion-X enables connectivity and control of air, sea (surface and sub-surface) and land (terrain and sub-terrain) unmanned platforms that extend the range and reach of war fighters and enhance performance in all domains of the modern battlespace. Legion-X can be integrated with any ROS (Robot Operating System)-compliant platform.

According to the Israeli company, Legion-X enables control and coordination of a networked group of heterogeneous autonomous systems that can act as a cohesive unit and individually, as part of an overall combat network system. The advanced control solution enables combat teams and expeditionary units to deploy, operate and manage connected human- machine formations and missions in a multi-domain environment.

Legion-X supports various mission types: ISR, manoeuvring force protection, robotic vanguard, Forward Operational Base (FOB) protection, urban warfare, logistic support and medical evacuations.

Part of the Legion-X robotic and autonomous combat solution, is the ROOK high mobility 6×6 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) with all-terrain manoeuvrability. This platform  is suitable for close and long-range operations under extreme conditions. Designed to carry heavy payloads, the multipurpose robotic UGV can perform a wide range of urban warfare, battalion manoeuvres and border protection missions while increasing front-line effectiveness and survivability.

Featuring a large loading platform and capable of carrying 1200kg, the UGV can also be used to deliver supplies, evacuate casualties, intelligence gathering missions or as a remote weapons system.

The ROOK can operate at a speed of 30km/hour and has an operational endurance of up to eight hours while using a modular hybrid energy configuration of batteries and an optional internal generator. A built-in LEGION-X platform manager (PM) application, provides ROOK with full autonomy and the capability to efficiently navigating rough terrain, during both day and night. The advanced platform can be tele-operated, in fully autonomous beyond-line-of-sight mode (BLOS) and in multi-domain autonomous swarming operations.

Another Part of the Legion-X robotic and autonomous combat solution, is the PROBOT (Professional Robot) platform which is designed from the ground up as an autonomous, robust, lightweight tactical support vehicle with high mobility and all-terrain manoeuvrability in urban and rural environments. Featuring a common all-electric chassis with a very low thermal and acoustic signature, PROBOT can carry heavy payloads and integrate in logistics, medevac, CBRNE, ISR and special operations.

The demo included also the THOR mini UAS, a fully autonomous military tactical mule platform designed for a wide range of military operational applications and reconnaissance missions. Built from the ground up, THOR can support diverse operational scenarios. The powerful platform is foldable and stored in a backpack, for easy deployment in less than two minutes by a single operator. The UAS can carry up to 15 kg payload almost anywhere and in a wide range of weather and terrain conditions. Equipped with automatic take-off and landing capability and autonomous mission flights, THOR is suitable for operation in urban areas, as well as in marine zones.


Part of the Legion-X robotic and autonomous combat solution, the Magni-X micro-UAS is a military fully autonomous multi-rotor platform, developed to provide the most advanced close-range observation system. Though suited for a wide range of missions and applications, the Magni-X is specially designed for Short Range Reconnaissance (SRR) and for the urban arena, providing day and night intelligence imagery powered by advanced AI algorithms for tactical combat units.

The Magni-X military grade FCC (flight control computer), along with powerful HW processing capability and unique navigation solutions, makes it ideal for intelligence applications in hostile environments. Magni-X is powered by the NEVO – advanced mission software that provides the operator with all the necessary flight data and real-time video images to enable effective execution of the mission. The NEVO provides support from early stage of flight plan, speed and altitude, throughout mission stages, routes, take-off / landing sites (before and during the mission), and target coordinates. The capability to autonomously execute the mission enables the operator to focus on monitoring the targets by controlling the payload on the NEVO.

Lonely Rider

Part of the Legion-X robotic and autonomous combat solution, Lonely Rider is a wireless miniature unattended ground sensor system (UGS) designed to establish terrain dominance. Lonely Rider’s intelligent surveillance capabilities make it highly effective in multiple area coverage and a wide range of applications, such as border intrusion detection, terrain dominance, choking point protection, force protection – outdoor area, urban area and beyond line-of-sight (BLOS). Featuring advanced networked sensing technologies, the scalable and cost-effective system offers multi-sensor capabilities and sensing modalities according to mission requirements and size of the monitored area.