Leveraging Advanced AI Tech, Axon Vision Unveils Edge UAV with Superior Capabilities for Covert Operations

By Arie Egozi

Tel Aviv: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is found in a growing number of defence systems and enhances their capabilities. Israeli company Axon Vision, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Edge UAV. According to the company, this AI product is specifically designed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), extending Axon Vision’s combat-proven expertise into the aerial domain.
Leveraging the company’s advanced AI technologies, the Edge UAV offers superior capabilities for low-to-medium altitude covert operations. Key features include real-time AI-based video processing integrated into a military-grade embedded GPU, providing unmatched processing power.
The Edge UAV can simultaneously detect and track multiple targets across all spectrums and conditions, ensuring comprehensive ISR and situational awareness. Its enhanced operational efficiency makes it ideal for a range of defence and security missions, including Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), inspection, search and rescue (SAR), and covert reconnaissance missions.
In addition to the Edge UAV, Axon Vision will introduce the Edge Clear Sky, an advanced add-on to the company’s combat proven EdgeSA system.
The EdgeSA is an AI-powered 360° situational awareness system for armoured vehicles. It enables continuous operation under closed hatches while providing complete situational awareness from the nearest circuit (LOS) in a single view and maximises lethality and survivability.
The new Edge Clear Sky focuses on counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) threats, utilising situational awareness cameras mounted at slanted angles for effective drone recognition and engagement. It features a cluster of three (640×512) thermal imaging (TI) channels that cover the sky around the platform, each camera providing a 90° x 60° field of view.
Enhancing the security, surveillance, and operational efficiency of crews inside combat armoured vehicles, the integration of EdgeSA with the Edge Clear Sky system is an indispensable tool for modern defense operations.
 “At Axon Vision, we are committed to advancing the semi-autonomous capabilities of our defence and security forces through cutting-edge AI solutions,” said BG. (Ret.) Roy Riftin, CEO of Axon Vision.
“The introduction of the Edge UAV and the Edge Clear Sky represents a significant leap forward in providing comprehensive situational awareness and operational efficiency in both aerial and ground operations. It is an important addition to our family of combat-proven AI solutions that further enhance defence forces’ autonomy, situational awareness, lethality, and survivability,” he added.
Axon Vision designs, develops, and creates artificial intelligence (AI) systems that enable autonomy, situational awareness, lethality, and survivability for land, air, and sea vehicles and platforms, setting the    standard for future semi-autonomous military operations.
The company’s systems are used by the Israeli defence forces and foreign armed forces.