Ultra Electronics Command & Sonar System Continues Support of Electro-optical Tracking Systems for UK Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer

Defence Industry

New Delhi. Carrying forward its legacy, UK-based Ultra Electronics Command & Sonar System has continued its support of electro-optical tracking Systems as part of Babcock’s UK Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer ‘Gun System, Automation ‘(GSA9).


Ultra Electronics Command & Sonar System is a part of England-based Ultra group. Notably, GSA9 is in service support contract with the UK Ministry of Defence which was signed recently. The three-year contract, with the option for a two-year extension, will provide support for all aspects of the electro-optical tracking system for GSA9.

Ultra’s Electro-optical tracking system is based on its proven Type 2500 design and employs the latest proven sensor and servo technologies, configured from a common set of commercially/modified of the shelf (COTS / MOTS) baseline modules. This modularity permits a system to be assembled to meet specific requirements without technical, delivery or price risk.

Featuring high resolution video performance with extensive levels of automation requiring minimal operator intervention, the system simplifies operations throughout all stages of surveillance, detection, acquisition, tracking and engagement.

Ultra’s electro-optical tracking systems operate in all regions and climatic conditions, from arctic to tropical waters and are installed on all classes of vessel, from small patrol boats operating in coastal, offshore and EEZ patrol operations to major naval surface combatants, aircraft carriers and auxiliaries operating in littoral and blue water environments.

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Mike Williams, Managing Director, Ultra CSS speaking on the occasion said: “Ultra is pleased to be engaged with Babcock in supporting this important frontline system and looks forward to delivering high levels of availability and service throughout the contract.”

Ultra specialises in providing application-engineered bespoke solutions. The company focuses on the customers’ mission critical and intelligent systems in the defence, security, critical detection & control markets.