Government Stops Import of 2,851 Components Used in Defence Manufacturing

Defence Industry


New Delhi: As part of its move to save foreign exchange worth around Rs 3,000 crores every year, the government has decided to stop the import of 2,851 components used in defence equipment manufacturing. The ministry also released a list of 2,500 items that it said have already been “indigenised”.

In a notification issued on December 29, the Defence Ministry announced a fresh list of 351 sub-systems and components that will not be allowed to be imported under a staggered timeline beginning December next year. It is the third list released by the ministry in the last 16 months and it comes as part of the government’s overall aim to make India a hub of manufacturing of military platforms and equipment.

The positive indigenisation list has been notified by the Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, as part of the efforts to achieve self-reliance in defence manufacturing and minimise imports, the ministry said.

The list contains 2,500 imported items which have already been indigenised and 351 imported items which will be indigenised in the next three years. These items will only be procured from the Indian Industry.

“This Aatmanirbhar (Self-Reliant) initiative will save foreign exchange approximately equivalent to Rs 3,000 crore every year,” said the Defence ministry.

Earlier, two positive indigenisation lists of weapons, platforms, systems and ammunition were notified by the Department of Military Affairs in order to provide impetus to self-reliance in the defence manufacturing.

The ministry said the items mentioned in the list will only be procured from Indian industries as per the timelines indicated.

According to the notification, import restrictions on the first set of 172 items will come into force by December next year while the same provisions will be applicable on another batch of 89 components by December 2023.

Import restrictions on another set of 90 items will come into effect by December 2024.

The items included laser warning sensor, high-pressure check valve, high-pressure globe valve, drainage intrusion detection systems, various types of cables, sockets and voltage control oscillator.

Earlier, this month Defence Minister Rajnath Singh underscoring the importance of achieving Aatmanirbhar (Self-Reliant India) in defence said that India cannot depend on other countries for defence technologies due to its stature, its geographical location as well as the security challenges it faces.