Leonardo DRS Selected by the Israeli MoD to Provide Advanced Mobile Radars to IDF


Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced June 6 that its DRS RADA Technologies business unit has been selected to provide the Israeli Ministry of Defence (IMoD) with advanced mobile radars providing additional capabilities to defend against a range of emerging regional threats. 

The company will produce and deliver the radars to support existing Israeli Defence Force (IDF) air surveillance and early warning capabilities. These advanced systems are proven throughout the IDF and with allied military forces around the world.

“We are extremely proud to continue our support of the IDF by supplying these advanced, lifesaving capabilities,” said Dubi Sella, senior vice president and general manager of the company’s DRS RADA Technologies business unit. “This award is yet another opportunity to take part in safeguarding our skies, communities and servicemen and women across Israel.”

The company’s DRS RADA Technologies business unit (formerly known as “RADA”) is a global leader in developing highly mobile tactical radar systems.  They are widely used across the IDF, US and allied militaries to protect vehicles and warfighters from a range of current and emerging aerial and land-based hostile fire threats. Missions for these systems include active protection systems, mobile short range air defence, counter-rocket, artillery, mortar, counter-UAS missions, critical infrastructure protection, and border surveillance.

The radars will be built in the business unit’s production site located in Beit Shean, Israel.