Indigenous Long-range Revolver “Prabal” to be Launched on August 18

Defence Industry

New Delhi: Boasting an impressive firing range of up to 50 meters, more than twice the reach of other revolvers in India, “Prabal” – India’s debut long-range revolver is poised for launch on August 18.


Manufactured by the state-owned enterprise Advanced Weapons and Equipment India (AWEIL), based in Kanpur, the revolver is distinguished by its .32 bore. According to a media report, a noteworthy feature of Prabal is its side swing cylinder, marking a significant advancement in revolver design.

“The Prabal revolver is light in weight and equipped with a side swing cylinder,” said AWEIL Director AK Maurya emphasising its key attributes and further elaborated on the innovation. He stated, “Previously, older revolver models required the firearm to be folded for cartridge insertion. Moreover, the prevailing market revolvers have a limited range of only up to 20 meters. In contrast, Prabal excels with a range of 50 meters. Weighing merely 700 grams (excluding cartridges), it boasts a barrel length of 76 mm and an overall length of 177.6 mm. Its user-friendly trigger pull enhances its appeal. Notably, this makes it a convenient option, even for women who can easily carry it in their handbags, thus augmenting personal safety.”

Revealing further he said, “Booking for Prabal, akin to the features of the Webley Scott revolver, will commence on August 18. Civilian purchasers possessing a valid license can avail themselves of this opportunity.”

As a government-owned enterprise specialising in the production of defence equipment, AWEIL, stationed in Kanpur’s Armapur, comprises of eight former factories of the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB). The company’s primary focus lies in the manufacturing of small arms and artillery for the Indian armed forces, international militaries, and domestic civilian usage. Established in 2021 as part of OFB’s restructuring and corporatisation, AWEIL operates as one of the seven distinct Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) born from this transformation.

big bang

The current year holds significant promise for the company, as AWEIL has secured defence product orders valued at Rs 6,000 crore. Among these are orders for 300 ‘Sarang’ cannons from the Indian

Army, along with contracts worth Rs 450 crore originating from European nations.