C-295MW Supply Chain Management Facility Inaugurated at AFS, Manauri -Prayagraj

Defence Industry

New Delhi: The Indian Air Force (IAF) has inaugurated a state-of-the-art supply chain management facility for the transport aircraft C-295MW at the 24 Equipment Depot, Air Force Station Manauri, Prayagraj.

The inauguration ceremony of the exclusive warehousing facilities at the 24 Equipment Depot was presided over by Air Commodore Angshuk Pal, Air Officer Commanding in the presence of Depot functionaries and representatives from Airbus Defence & Space, according to an official statement. This facility will serve as a vital hub for housing essential C-295MW assemblies and spare parts, ensuring seamless maintenance and operational readiness of the aircraft. The event also marked the initiation of Joint Receipt Inspection (JRI) of deliverables. The JRI process, scheduled to last for a month, will meticulously evaluate the quality and compliance of the supplied equipment and ensure that the delivered components meet the stringent standards set by the IAF and Airbus Defence & Space.

For the 24 Equipment Depot at Manauri, it’s a crucial assignment as it will serve as the Central Stock Holding Depot for C-295MW aircraft spares and play a pivotal role in supporting the operations of the entire fleet of C-295MW aircraft across the Indian Air Force.

Aligned with the government’s vision of bolstering domestic production capabilities and reducing dependency on import, the IAF is set to procure 56 C-295MW aircraft from Airbus, Spain, with 40 of them to be manufactured indigenously in India by the Tata-Airbus consortium, TASL.

The IAF with this milestone achievement, takes a significant step towards strengthening its fleet with cutting-edge C-295MW aircraft. These versatile transport planes offer enhanced capabilities and will play a crucial role in various military operations and humanitarian missions. The induction of indigenously manufactured C-295MW aircraft also aligns with India’s larger goal of fostering indigenous defence production capabilities under the “Make in India” initiative. This strategic partnership between TASL and Airbus reinforces India’s position as a leading player in the global defence industry.

Additionally, the establishment of the supply chain management facility at the 24 Equipment Depot showcases India’s commitment to self-reliance and military modernisation. It not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures timely availability of critical spare parts, reducing downtime and increasing the overall fleet readiness. As the Joint Receipt Inspection progresses over the next month, the IAF and Airbus will collaborate closely to ensure the seamless integration of C-295MW aircraft into the Indian Air Force‘s operational framework.