Axio Biosolutions Launches ASK MIL Kiosk to Revolutionise Bleeding Control, Collaborates with Olive Planet to Empower Armed Forces with Cutting-Edge Medical Technology

Defence Industry

New Delhi: Axio Biosolutions, a medtech firm based in Bengaluru has launched Axiostat Suraksha Kavach (ASK) MIL Kiosk in collaboration with Olive Planet to empower armed forces with cutting-edge medical technology for bleeding control.

Thoughtfully curated in line with Axio’s vision to redefine the standards of emergency medical care for the frontline soldiers, this state-of-the-art bleeding control kit is set to revolutionise bleeding control. The ASK MIL Kiosk features the ASK kit, MIL 300 Z-fold gauze, and an information leaflet, meticulously designed to provide the warriors with the required tools to save lives in combat situations.

The kiosk at Olive Planet was inaugurated by Dr Aruna Ramesh, Professor and HOD Emergency Medicine, Ramaiah Medical College.

Under the collaboration the ASK MIL Kiosk will be placed at Olive Planet stores in Bengaluru, Indore, New Delhi, and Chennai to reach out to soldiers preparing for special operations and UN missions.

The active bleeding control training for laypersons was launched along with the CHOPS – Children Hospital of Philadelphia, PediSTAR, GVKEMRI in 2021. So far, Ramaiah Medical College has trained over 2000 individuals in haemorrhage control of accident victims to be of help until EMS arrives.

Serving as an educational platform, the interactive kiosk will empowering soldiers with the knowledge and skills required to handle critical situations with confidence.