Ananth Technologies’ as ISRO’s Dedicated Partner Contributes in PSLV – C56 Launch


New Delhi: India’s space technology has evolved over time and with the government’s decision to involve private industries in the space sector, space technology proliferation has reached a momentous milestone. The successful launch of the DS-SAR satellite and six co-passengers by PSLV-C56  from SDSC-SHAR, Sriharikota on July 30, 2023 is one such milestone.

Contributing to this achievement behind the scene is Hyderabad based Ananth Technologies Limited (ATL). It has played a pivotal role in various launch vehicle and satellite missions for ISRO. ATL’s expertise spans a wide range of avionics packages, including Navigation interface modules, Inertial sensing units, intra-module harness, Control Electronics, Pyro control systems, tracking transponder, and Power systems, among others.

Expressing gratitude to ISRO in a company statement, Dr Subba Rao Pavuluri, the founder and CMD of ATL stated that ISRO’s unwavering trust has led to ATL being a dedicated partner for nearly three decades. The company’s contributions extend beyond launch vehicles and satellites, encompassing manufacturing of critical aerospace sub-systems for India’s strategic sector. These include avionics packages, sensors, communication systems, and sophisticated flight systems.

“ATL is fully committed to contributing to the country’s space sector activities and other strategic programs as part of India’s vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat,” emphasised Dr Subba Rao Pavuluri.

“ATL’s contributions also extend to Interface packages such as ICU-2, ISMU, TEX, CAF 3, SARU, RBB-15K, QUAD SBU-FB, BS TV/RCS PSM, SARB, and other vehicle interface units. With a commendable track record, the company has successfully completed the sub-assembly integration for five PSLV missions, including PSLV-C56. This achievement underscores the dedication and expertise of ATL’s team in bolstering India’s space missions,” according to the company statement.

Ananth Technologies Limited (ATL) has exclusive facilities in Thiruvananthapuram and Bengaluru. The company has played a crucial role in supporting ISRO. These facilities aid in fabrication, assembly, testing, and supply of sophisticated electronic packages, computer systems, various sub-systems for launch vehicles, and satellite manufacturing. According to the company, over the years ATL has provided ‘zero-defect manufacturing support’ for 75 launch vehicles and 95 spacecraft and has further cemented its reputation as a reliable partner in the space sector.