Top Navy brass and BEL Discuss Policy Level Issues

Indian Navy

Bengaluru: Top officials of defence Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Bharat Electronics Limited,(BEL) Bangalore  and Indian Navy held a two-day meeting from September 16 to discuss a wide range of issues.

The meeting where the Navy was represented by Vice Admiral Sandeep Naithani, Chief of Material, discussed with BEL officials strategic level direction on policy level issues pertaining to development of state-of-the-art weapons and sensors for the Indian Navy, and also covered aspects of technology induction, innovative ideas, product support and system maintenance paradigms for a very wide variety of BEL origin systems.

The joint focus areas of BEL and the Indian Navy were also discussed in detail, including next generation Combat Management Systems and SONARs, indigenisation of Fire Control Systems, and indigenous developments in Electronic Warfare systems. The Naval delegation also visited the Near Field Test Range being developed exclusively for testing of advanced radar systems being inducted by the Navy.

The meeting hosted by the Weapons, Electronics and Sensors Maintenance Management Committee (WESMMC) of BEL was attended by senior officers from the Indian Navy and the top management of BEL, with representation from all SBUs of BEL across the country.

Vice Admiral  Naithani, conveyed the Navy’s appreciation to BEL in their untiring efforts towards realizing the Government’s goal of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, and exhorted BEL to continue on the path to realize their Mission of becoming a world leader in defence electronics through quality, technology and innovation.