RT LTA Uncovers an Improved self-developed bladder material for the SkyStar Aerostats

The improvedmaterial will allow all SkyStar aerostats to fly consecutively for a whole week, and will dramatically reduce the helium leakage from the aerostat’s bladder - thus further minimizing the operating costs

Defence Industry

The Israeli-based aerostat company RT LTA Systems Ltd. Announces on July 11, it has completed the development of an improved light-weight elastic material for the aerostats’ bladder, that will enable all SkyStar aerostat systems to fly continuously for up to 150 hours, as well as will economize the systems’ use of Helium. After an extensive year and a half of research and development, the company has now successfully completed the field test, which is the 3rd phase of the development. The improved material will be in use from now on in all of the SkyStar aerostat systems.


The improved bladder material is Elastic, light-weight and UV proof. It allows the extension of the systems’ endurance and enables them to fly for up to 150 hours consecutively. The improved material also minimizes the helium leak from the aerostat’s bladder, as well as extends the lifespan of the bladder. Alongside the development of the improved material, RT has also completed the development of a Helium recycling system, that will allow to save up to 90% of the aerostat’s Helium volume in case of the need to change the aerostat bladder before releasing it back to the air.

This new Helium recycling system is recommended for clients that are using the SkyStar systems 24/7 in the same site for more than 6 months. Altogether, RT’s new developments extend the aerostat systems’ endurance as well as minimize the systems’ operation costs, thus creating an even more advanced and cost-effective systems.

Rami Shmueli, RT and AERO-T’s CEO: “We have just finished 6 months of field tests,which have proved that the improved material leads to a dramatic reduction of Helium leak from the aerostat bladder. Altogether, our two latest developments allow us to improve the SkyStar aerostat systems capabilities and performances, and at the same time to minimize the systems’ operation costs.

We are happy to offer an even more economic and cost-effective system, with high capabilities that include the ability to operate and fly consecutively for a whole week.” Mr. Shmueli added: “The extension of the systems’ endurance is of high importance for our defense and HLS customers, which are using RT’s aerostats for operational needs.The lower operational costs allow us and our clients to invest more resources in developing new and sophisticated payloads to be carried by the aerostats. Altogether, we are happy to offer an even more cost-effective aerostat systems with high abilities and an extended endurance.”

big bang

The SkyStar aerostats are a self-contained, versatile, and easily transportable tacticalsystems, ideal for defense, border security, HLS and public safety missions. Offering availability of over 85% in any given area, the SkyStar systems already accumulated more than 1,500,000 million operational hours worldwide.