Republic Day 2023: Brainbox SSO – Developed by Tardid Technologies  Will be Showcased as Part of Indian Navy Tableau

Indian Navy

New Delhi:  As India celebrates its 74th Republic Day on January 26, the flavour of this year’s Republic Day Parade will be ‘Make in India’. While the Indian Army would showcase only ‘Made in India’ Weapons systems, in the rear section of the Naval Tableau three models of autonomous unmanned systems being developed indigenously under iDEX-Sprint Challenge will be displayed. The model of Brainbox Smart Ship Operations (SSO) being one of them.

The Sprint initiative was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Naval Innovation and Indignation Organisation Seminar last July. These products are being developed under the innovation for defence excellence scheme of the Ministry of Defence and Technology Development Acceleration Cell of Indian Navy.

Brainbox Smart Ship Operations (SSO), developed under the Innovation Ecosystem Platform between Tardid Technologies Pvt Ltd and Accurate Industrial Controls Pvt Ltd will be showcased at the upcoming Republic Day parade as part of the Indian Navy Tableau on January 26, 2023.

The Brainbox SSO is being developed under the MoD’s iDEX – Sprint Challenge. The 100% Made in India Smart Ship Operations has been powered by Brainbox Artificial Intelligence Platform, developed indigenously by Bangalore based firm Tardid Technologies Pvt Ltd. Due to the unique Artificial Intelligence capabilities of Tardid, Tardid also enjoys a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the the Indian Navy.

Tardid also had the opportunity to showcase their Brainbox products to the Prime Minister & Honorable Raksha Mantri during the Swavlamban Seminar conducted in New Delhi July 2022.

Aastha Verma, Chief Operating officer and Co-Founder of Tardid said, “as a daughter of a Retd Army Colonel, nothing is more prestigious than to display her company’s offerings in the Republic Day Parade”.

According to her, to have the Brainbox product on display at a Republic Day Parade was a dream which gets fulfilled today. Tardid could not have done this without the guidance and steering of Technology without the leadership of Mr Niladri Dutta, Brainbox Architect & Founder of Tardid.

Brainbox is an Artificial Intelligence Platform, which is currently being used for different applications in the Indian Navy and commercial Heavy Industries. Brainbox has taken Artificial Intelligence to Heavy Industries to solve critical problems like Structural Health, Machine Health and Decision Intelligence. It’s a first step to move away from thumb rules to scientific knowledge based decisioning.