Johnnette Technologies Enhances Border Security by Delivering India’s First Fixed -Wing Stealth Drones to Indian Army

Johnnette Technologies has successfully completed the delivery of, Johnnette JF-2, to the Indian Army for border surveillance.

Indian Army

New Delhi – Johnnette Technologies Pvt Ltd, a leading Indian drone manufacturer, has announced the successful delivery of its Johnnette JF-2 ISR drones to the Indian Army for border surveillance. This milestone marks a significant advancement in enhancing the defence capabilities of the Indian military and underscores Johnnette Technologies’ dedication towards innovation and national security.


The Johnnette JF-2, India’s first stealth fixed-wing drone, is a hand-launched fixed-wing tactical UAV specifically designed for surveillance and reconnaissance operations. Equipped with high-definition day cameras and thermal imaging night cameras, the JF-2 excels in both day and night operations. Its advanced features, including a crash-resistant avionics bay and anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities, make it an ideal solution for land forces. The Indian Army’s deployment of the JF-2 for border surveillance represents the first use of a fixed-wing UAV of its class in this capacity.

Abhinav Varrey, Director at Johnnette Technologies, emphasised on the company’s commitment towards delivering high quality cost-effective technological solutions that strengthen military capabilities and stated, “The delivery of the Johnnette JF-2 highlights our dedication to provide high-quality drones to the Indian Army, enhancing their operational superiority, and supporting Prime Minister Modi’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative.”

Since its inception in November 2014, Johnnette Technologies Pvt Ltd has been a pioneer in developing Unmanned Systems Technology in India. The company is proud to deliver cutting-edge aerospace systems to the paramilitary, commercial, aerospace, and defense sectors. In addition to its flagship product, the Johnnette JF-2, the company manufactures low-cost loitering munitions (Kamikaze drones) and has future plans to develop Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs).

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