Indra is Responsible for the Engineering Services for the Certification of Airworthiness of all of the Army’s Aircraft

  • The company was awarded the contract in a public tender in which the main aeronautical companies of the sector attended
  • This service is added to the one it already offers for all Air Force aerial platforms
  • Indra strengthens its position as a leader in the field of maintenance and military logistical support for armies and defense ministries around the world, which is a key area to ensure maximum operational efficiency and security of operations

Defence Industry

Madrid, July 16, 2018. Indra has been awarded the Framework Agreement tendered by the Chief of Economic Affairs of the Logistical Support Command of the Army for the provision of engineering services to achieve and maintain the airworthiness certification of all the Army’s aircrafts. This is an indispensable task to guarantee safety and facilitate a maximum level of operation of aerial platforms.

The expected amount of the contract amounts to 7.4 million euros, distributed in four annuities from 2019 to 2022, extendable for another two years, which would raise the total amount to 11.1 million euros. The company was awarded the project in a public tender attended by important companies in the aeronautical sector.

The award reinforces Indra’s position as a leading company in the provision of engineering and maintenance services for aircraft of the Ministry of Defense. The company already provides this same type of service at present for Air Force aircraft.

The work that will be carried out for the Army will make it easier to obtain or renew the military certificates of airworthiness contemplated by the Regulation of Airworthiness of Defense (RAD) of the helicopters NH-90, Chinook CH-47F, EC-665 Tigre, EC-135, AS532 Cougar, AS332 Super Puma, UH-1H y AB-212, as well as for all of its current remotely piloted systems (RPAS), among which are the autonomous sensorized intelligence platform (PASI), the Raven and the Huginn, as well as the upcoming RPAS systems.

The term of this certification is essential so that the aircraft can operate with full security and must be periodically renewed to be able to keep it. It is consequently necessary to make a permanent effort to control the configuration of the systems and equipment, demonstrating compliance with the approved maintenance program, resolution of faults and the analysis of the documentation issued by the manufacturers and the airworthiness authorities (Bulletins of Service, Airworthiness Directives, Maintenance Instructions, Normative Changes, etc.)

With this contract, Indra reinforces its support to the Ministry of Defense by providing specialized personnel and high-tech equipment in all maintenance steps, both organically and in the company’s own facilities.