Indian Army Successfully Conducts Major Training Exercise in Punjab Along Western Borders

Indian Army

New Delhi: In a major training exercise carried out by the Indian Army in Punjab this month, various units and formations of Ambala-based Kharga Corps participated.

The exercise from May 11 to 27 were conducted successfully and it validated latest operational concepts like employment of attack helicopters in support of ground forces, operations deep across adversary’s obstacle systems, the use of hi-tech drones as force multipliers, fighting in obstacle ridden terrain, sustained operations deep inside enemy territory by forces and heli-borne operations.

The exercise also incorporated aspects of joint training with the Indian Air Force for operations in the enemy territory across Western borders, special forces drops behind enemy lines and simulated battlefield air strikes.

The exercise was successful in validating many important operational aspects and brought out valuable lessons as also reinforced a high degree of operational preparedness for the forces on Western Front.

The exercise was witnessed by the Army Commander, Western Command, and other senior dignitaries, who complimented all ranks on professional readiness.