Boeing to update P-8A Poseidon training system for US Navy

Defence Industry

PLANO, Texas. Boeing has won a contract award from the US Navy to update the courseware and software for the Navy’s P-8A Poseidon training system, a company press statement said September 13.

Under the four-year, $194 million agreement, Boeing will upgrade devices at three locations for the US Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force to reflect the latest configuration of the Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.

“With increasing demand for realistic training that is concurrent and affordable, the P-8A training system gives pilots, air crews and maintainers the most immersive environment at a fraction of the cost to train in a P-8A,” said Pat Walsh, vice president of US Navy & Marine Corps Services for Boeing Global Services and retired Admiral.

“Boeing is proud to provide a high-fidelity experience that offers a seamless transition from classroom to aircraft.”

Boeing developed the comprehensive P-8A training system to provide training for both pilots and aircrews. The aircrew training solution includes courseware, classrooms, part-task trainers and full-fidelity simulators for both pilot and mission crew. The maintenance training solution includes courseware, classrooms, hardware and virtual maintenance simulators to support all US Navy maintenance certifications.

The P-8A training system allows operators to train and prepare for missions while reducing flight hours for the aircraft, as well as fuel costs associated with in-flight training.

Operating as one of Boeing’s three business units, Global Services is headquartered in the Dallas area.