BEML Unveils Latest Products at DefExpo 2020

DefExpo, DefExpo 2020

Lucknow. Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) on February 6 unveiled a Medium Bullet Proof Vehicle ‘Gaur’, an advanced Mark II with latest features : Night vision cameras to Blast resistant seats, GPS navigation etc. along with an AI Powered Medical Health Diagnostic Systems, which is a powered Diagnostic System for Troops in-field.

Both the products were formally unveiled by Deepak Kumar Hota, CMD, BEML in the presence of senior management officials of the company at DefExpo 2020 being held at Lucknow.

MBP Vehicle GAUR

BEML Limited Schedule A company under Ministry of Defence launched an advanced version of Medium Bullet Proof Vehicle (MBPV)-MK-II, christened as ‘Gaur’ at the ongoing DEFEXPO 2020 at Lucknow.

Launching the vehicle Hota said, “BEML MBVP- MARK II was designed and developed indigenously with added safety features, that also showcases our commitment towards realising the mission of ‘Make In India.”


The vehicle is equipped with night vision camera, blast resistant seats, GPS navigation, radio and intercom system. The vehicle shields security personal from arm fire, hand grenade and carry up to 12 persons.

BEML MBPV MK-II is a 4×4 wheel RH drive, heavy duty all weather off road mobility vehicle and specially designed for easy manoeuvrability, operability and maintainability.

AI Powered Medical Health Diagnostic System (MHDS)


MHDS has the following major features to cover medical diagnostic needs of troops in forward posts, especially in high altitude areas.

The station housed in a 20 feet container on a high mobility platform (BEML TATRA 8×8/6×6) with artificial intelligence (AI) powered diagnostic system for troops in field, who are away from expert medical advice and attention.

MHDS special features cover Artificial Intelligence based Chest X-Ray Diagnosis, Artificial Intelligence based diagnosis of Eye Analysis and Diabetic Retinopathy, Computer based diagnosis (CAD), Digital Radiology, Cardiograph, Pathology Laboratory, etc.

It provides for Computer Aided Diagnosis using AI and also obtain expert consultation from higher echelon hospitals or from a cloud based tele consultation system. It can be remotely connected to a medical data base too. The unit is provided with a dust free clinical environment, air conditioning and generate back up.

“This is first of its kind in India and BEML is proud to be associated with Indian Army during the disasters. It shows the BEML’s capability in making indigenous products under Make in India initiative” Hota noted.