Kalyani Group to Showcase an Array of Indigenous Product Portfolio at DefExpo

Kalyani Group signs four MoUs with leading global defence technology providers and manufactures

DefExpo, DefExpo 2020

Lucknow. Kalyani Group, Indian multi-national conglomerate with technology, engineering & manufacturing leader is all set for the global unveiling of its indigenously developed products at DefExpo 2020 beginning at Uttar Pradesh capital city of Lucknow on February 5.

Kalyani Group’s unmatched metallurgical knowledge, design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities have carved the path to establishing its presence in prominent sectors of national interest like defence and aerospace.

The group’s flagship company Bharat Forge aspires to make the Indian defence sector self-reliant and lead the Make in India narrative. The DefExpo will witness the following announcements on behalf of the Kalyani Group:

• Bharat Forge Limited to collaborate with General Atomics to develop new technologies in India for surface, undersea naval and advanced projectiles for weapons platforms
• Bharat Forge Limited to collaborate with Paramount Group to form a JV in India to co-develop land systems and aerospace platforms
• Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited and Arsenal JSCo to form a strategic alliance to manufacture specific small arms in India.
• Bharat Forge Limited and JSC Dastan to partner for joint upgradation of CET-65E torpedoes
• Bharat Forge Limited and BEML Limited are to collaborate efforts in developing mounted gun systems on 4×4 platform, manufacture and supply of power train aggregates, critical armoured machined forgings for recovery vehicles and explore export business potential for armoured personnel carrier

Three new artillery platforms stand to be unveiled by them at the show – MArG Extended Range, which is a 155mm/52 cal Ultra-Light Howitzer; Garuda-105 V2, which is a 105mm gun mounted on their own “Go Anywhere Vehicle”; and 4×4 MGS, which is a 155mm/39 cal gun system mounted on a 4×4 platform. All three gun platforms and the “Go Anywhere Vehicle” have been indigenously designed and developed by Kalyani Group incorporating niche and advanced technologies.

Visitors to Kalyani stall can also witness ‘Kalyani M4’, which is a 4×4 armoured protected fighting vehicle that can provide side blast protection against 50 kg of TNT explosives- the highest in its class. Another exciting product on display will be 6×6 ECARS, which is a UGV developed by the group which offers enhanced collision avoidance system, threat analysis and missions planning.

Kalyani Group’s ‘Journey to digital transformation’ will be conceptualised by creating an ‘Experience Zone’ for their esteemed guests to experience various niche and futuristic technologies that Kalyani group is currently working on, including HoloSuit, which is a full body motion tracking suit that virtualizes the human body motion and can be used to skill humans and robots using advanced AI.

The Kalyani stall shall also have a dedicated section for their partnerships. The group has been relentlessly working on bringing niche technologies in the country and has formed strategic collaboration with global OEMs to achieve the same. Their product profile in the field of Small Arms, Defence Electronics and their JV offerings can be viewed in this section.

Kalyani Group will be in Hall no 7 at the Expo.

Brief details of the exhibits at Kalyani Group at DefExpo 2020:
• MArG ER –
• Indigenously designed and developed 155mm/52 cal Ultra-Light Howitzer Extended Range
• Extended range version of MArG-S (Steel) 155mm/ 39 cal gun
• Combines the advantages of a 155mm/52 cal gun with that of an ULH
• Light weight with superior firing range
• Transportable by existing railway transport and towed by light weight limber or utility vehicles
• Deployable at high mountain areas
• Quicker emplacement and digital fire control
• High reliability and low maintenance cost
• Present status: Ready for proof firing trials in June

• MArG T –
• MArG-T (Titanium): Indigenously designed and developed 155mm/39 cal Ultra-Light Howitzer
• Titanium version of ULH making it extremely lightweight
• Provides high field maneuverability, flexibility and accuracy
• Capable of rapid redeployment by battle filed helicopters, existing railway service or towed by light weight limber or utility vehicles
• Digital fire control, high rate of fire, reliability and easy maintenance
• Present status: Ready for proof firing trials in May 2020
• MGS 4×4 –
• Indigenously designed and developed 155mm/39 cal Mountain Gun System
• Mounted on 4×4 wheeled chassis – Go Anywhere Vehicle developed by BEML
• Provides superior mobility, responsiveness, firepower and crew survivability
• Offers distinct advantage in the mountains due to its shorter turning radius compared to a towed gun
• Provides all terrain maneuverability
• Provides high level of autonomy along with shoot and scoot capability to its users
• Hydraulic platform adjusts itself to enable comfortable loading and firing
• Present status: Firing trials scheduled in May 2020
• GARUDA 105 V2 –
• 105mm/37 caliber gun based on the 105 Indian Field Guns
• Extremely light weight: less than 1 ton
• Incorporates state of the art Soft Recoil Technology resulting in light weight, modular, high performance howitzer
• Adaptable for fitment on any in-service light vehicle
• Shoot and scoot capability
• Unprecedented precision and accuracy
• Lower maintenance cost, less number of parts
• Force multiplier for forward elements
• Successfully test fired in India and USA
• Indigenously developed ‘GO ANYWHERE VEHICLE’

Armoured Vehicles: One of the greatest challenges in combating terror is ensuring the safety of the security personnel while dealing with the terrorists in combat situations. The use of Mine Protected Vehicles in areas of unrest offers security to the forces besides giving them an edge over the terrorists due to their superior firepower and mobility. Bharat Forge is leveraging its metallurgical knowledge and technology in partnership with market leaders to bring these to Indian Security Forces.

KALYANI M4 is a multi-role platform, designed to meet specific requirement of forces operating in rough terrain and areas affected by mine blasts and side blasts. It can carry seven troops and offers very high levels of ballistic and mine protections (up to a 50kg TNT side blast or IED/roadside bombs) due to its innovative flat-floor monocoque hull design.


• A powerful 6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel and an automatic 6 speed transmission give the vehicle unmatched mobility with a burst speed of up to 140km/hour. The proprietary Independent suspension system design ensures comfortable ride in the roughest terrain.
• The 360 degree rotating modular weapon mounts is dual-axis gyro stabilized with Automatic Target Detection (Optional) and can accommodate a wide range of weapon systems to meet lethality requirements.
• The KALYANI MAVERICK ATC – Armoured Troop Carrier can move up to 11 troops with high level of ballistic protection across rough terrain. The vehicle offers very high levels of ballistic and mine protections (crew compartment ballistic protection STANAG 4569-Level 3, blast protection STANAG 4569-Level 4) and protection against a 50kg TNT side blast or IED/roadside bombs enabled by its innovative flat-floor monocoque hull design.
• A powerful 6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel and a automatic 6 speed transmission gives the vehicle unmatched mobility with a burst speed of up to 110km/hour .The ATC is fully customizable due to “open architecture” design with a large internal volume.

ECARS 6X6 – The Enhanced Collaborative Autonomous Rover System (ECARS) is a Multi-Functional and Multi-Sensor Platform with Multi-Mission and Multi-Task capabilities.

• Multi terrain vehicle with skid steer mechanism, designed and developed by Kalyani Group under I4RD Program
• Two versions developed: ECARS 4×4 and ECARS 6×6
• Designed to perform surveillance, security, safety and rescue missions.
• Enhanced Collision Avoidance System, Threat Analysis, Learning & Missions Planning
• Autonomous operation
• Multi-Functional and Multi-Sensor Platform
• Multi-Mission and Multi-Task capabilities
• All weather operation: -20⁰C to +50⁰C
• Easy to control, Economical & Low Maintenance
• Associate partner: NEXBOT Technologies

UAV’s – The role of unmanned vehicles across land, air and sea is set to further revolutionise the battlefields of tomorrow. As technology advances, they are becoming a viable and widely used option in other commercial fields too. With an eye on the skies of the future, the Kalyani Group has entered the field of aerial platforms and is investing in research aimed towards self-reliance in the field.