Ordnance Factory in Tamil Nadu Launches High-Tech Carbine ‘TriCa’

Defence Industry

New Delhi: A high-tech, low sound carbine named ‘TriCa’ with a range more effective than a typical sub-machine gun and small enough to be packed in the jacket of security personnel was unveiled at the Ordnance Factory in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu.


The lighter and compact weapon, the 7.62X39 mm carbine TriCa is designed for the infantry combat vehicle, helicopter crew and security personnel for operations that call for a compact and relatively powerful individual automatic weapon.

The weapon is also for paratroopers, police and security personnel guarding highly secure facilities such as airports, and for use by the Special Operation Forces, a defence press release here said.

TriCa has a special muzzle booster which helps in hiding the flash and mitigating the sound when fired, the release said. An advantage is that it can use ammunition and magazines as well as the inter-changeable parts of general assault rifles (TAR and AK-47).

The carbine could be concealed in clothes and hidden in jackets of security personnel. It was developed by the in-house research and development unit of the Ordnance Factory.

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