Forging a Unified Strategy

The precursor of the future 21st century wars, particularly the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, took place between Armenia and Azerbaijan in May 2021 over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Both countries deployed […]

Countering Challenges of the Modernisation of Warfare

The armed forces around the world are experiencing a technological revolution to equip themselves for future battles. Combat might be made significantly swift, accurate, stealthy, and intelligent with the help […]

Ukraine-Russia War Photos showing use of Missile

Modernising for New Age Warfare

The role played by new technology, including the use of satellites, drones and hypersonic missiles, in the Ukraine war is an example of 21st century warfare. But it also has […]


Gearing Up For The ‘VTOL’ Future

The unmanned drone landscape in India is set to grow sharply in the next decade, so much so that it is poised to become a part of the country’s growth […]

Artificial Intelligent nations

Harnessing AI in Defence

The 21st century has witnessed technological changes and disruption in all sectors of society, resulting in the creation of new yardsticks with distinct outcomes. With globalisation and the technology boom, […]

Time to Foolproof Our Defence Strategy’s Future-Readiness

Taking into account the global spectrum of conflict, in the Eurasian regional dynamics, Russia’s offensive cyber capabilities and China’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in augmenting its high-tech warfare mechanisms […]