A Perspective on Neuromorphic Computing

The amount of data and information around us is continuously growing with each passing second. The estimates indicate that the total volume of information generated every year would reach the […]

30 Years of Indo-Israel Diplomatic Relations

On January 29, 2022, India and Israel celebrated 30 years of diplomatic relations. Both countries today have strategic relations in a wide range of sectors such as defence, agriculture and […]

Indian Navy: From Buyer to Builder

The Indian Navy is called the “Silent Service”, as the Navy’s three-dimensional 115 warships, 19 submarines including 2 nuclear submarines and over 200 aircraft, helicopters and drones operate at sea […]

Rising to the New Frontier

For last couple of years, India is witnessing a push given to the process of defence reforms in the country. These reforms are found happening at the multiple levels. Actually, […]