Ensuring Swift Reprisal

On 22nd August the Defense Acquisition Council, government’s highest decision making body on defense procurements granted emergency powers to armed forces for procurement of essential weapons and equipment. This provision […]

Flying into a Glorious Future

Comprehensive combat potential, emphasised by flexibility, quick response, and mobility, is a must-have for any nation. Aerospace power, with its ability to reach far distances, be they be within or […]

Security through Deterrence and Power Projection

This October 8th the IAF completes 90 years of glorious service to the nation. The past nine-decades is a saga of critical contribution to nation-building, warfighting, support to civil administration, […]

DAP 2020: Has it Delivered?

India’s defence acquisition regime is currently governed by Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020 (DAP 2020). It came into effect on October 1, 2020, superseding Defence Procurement Procedure 2016 (DPP 2016). Like […]

European Countries Facing New Security Matrixes

Regardless of status, nations across Europe are speaking unanimously against the Russian attack on Ukraine. The European block’s unified reaction is striking since the Old Continent is known for its […]

Navy Develops Landmark Manufacturing Ecosystem

On 2nd September 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi commissioned India’s first 40,000 ton Stobar (short take off from the 160m deck and three-barrier assisted landing) aircraft carrier INS Vikrant at […]

A Perspective on Neuromorphic Computing

The amount of data and information around us is continuously growing with each passing second. The estimates indicate that the total volume of information generated every year would reach the […]

30 Years of Indo-Israel Diplomatic Relations

On January 29, 2022, India and Israel celebrated 30 years of diplomatic relations. Both countries today have strategic relations in a wide range of sectors such as defence, agriculture and […]

Indian Navy: From Buyer to Builder

The Indian Navy is called the “Silent Service”, as the Navy’s three-dimensional 115 warships, 19 submarines including 2 nuclear submarines and over 200 aircraft, helicopters and drones operate at sea […]

Rising to the New Frontier

For last couple of years, India is witnessing a push given to the process of defence reforms in the country. These reforms are found happening at the multiple levels. Actually, […]

The Future of CBRN Detection Systems

Traditionally, CBRN weapons have been manufactured for use on the battlefield. In recent years, this threat has changed from CBRN weapons to include Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs). The threats posed […]

AL TARIQ – The Ultimate Solution

EDGE is a UAE-headquartered advanced technology group for defence and beyond, consolidating more than 20 entities across four core clusters. One of the top 25 military contractors in the world, […]

Hiccups in India’s Military Reforms

Reforms in the military is a continuous effort taking into account the future threats, changing nature of warfare, the future battlefield environment and the impact of critical and emerging technologies […]