Ukraine War: Beware of Hasty Conclusions

The Russian forces were initially reported to have been tasked with the outright decapitation of the Ukrainian State. If that was so, then indeed the objective was not met, and […]

Decoding Domestic Production

The last three years have seen considerable push being given to indigenous production by the government with some bold policy initiatives, the foremost of which was the phased embargo on […]

Ensuring Swift Reprisal

On 22nd August the Defense Acquisition Council, government’s highest decision making body on defense procurements granted emergency powers to armed forces for procurement of essential weapons and equipment. This provision […]

Flying into a Glorious Future

Comprehensive combat potential, emphasised by flexibility, quick response, and mobility, is a must-have for any nation. Aerospace power, with its ability to reach far distances, be they be within or […]

Security through Deterrence and Power Projection

This October 8th the IAF completes 90 years of glorious service to the nation. The past nine-decades is a saga of critical contribution to nation-building, warfighting, support to civil administration, […]

DAP 2020: Has it Delivered?

India’s defence acquisition regime is currently governed by Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020 (DAP 2020). It came into effect on October 1, 2020, superseding Defence Procurement Procedure 2016 (DPP 2016). Like […]