Pioneering Amphibious Air Travel

Talk of seaplanes, and for a majority of Indians, it’s like visualizing scenes from Western movies, particularly the iconic James Bond films. Yet, the mention of seaplane services in India […]


In Gangnam Spirits

Foreign policy is all about possibilities. It is about forging new ties and reinvigorating old ones. It is always conditioned by an optimistic perception of national interests. In that context, […]


Narratives Could be Misleading

After spending almost six months in India under the volley of Western narratives about Russia’s failing special military operation in Ukraine and Kiev on the cusp of turning the tide […]


Wings of Collaboration

“Tarang Shakti”, the largest air exercise of the Indian Air Force (IAF) involving 12 air forces, has been postponed to 2024 to accommodate certain nations. The exercise will feature fighter […]


Is India Ready to Stop Malice-Driven Dragon?

China is at war with us. This statement may shock some because the general hierarchical understanding of war is confined to conventional war. But the character of war turned hybrid […]


India or China: Who is Ahead?

The string of diplomatic events, with India as an important member, started with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s (SCO) annual summit hosted by India virtually in July earlier. The SCO meeting […]


Beyond the Hype

The recent speculations about the state of affairs in China are thought-provoking. Stagflation and sluggish economic growth, US sanctions on the sale of high-tech equipment to China, a floundering real […]


A First Glance at the Ukrainian Counter-Offensive

A trumpeted and long-awaited counter-offensive: Since the beginning of the Russian onslaught, the landbridge between mainland Russia and Crimea has been a key point. The Mariupol oblast, or region, serves several strategic […]


IAF and the ‘Era of No War’

On 8th October 2023, the Indian Air Force completes 91 years of glorious service in defending the territorial integrity of India. The IAF, along with the Indian Army and the […]