India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation Participates in Aero India to Showcase about 250 Systems

Aero India, Aero India 2019

New Delhi. India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is participating in the International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition Aero India 2019, which is being held at Yelahanka Air Force Station in Bengaluru from February 20-24, in a big way and showcasing around 250 systems, technologies, working models and innovations in all formats i.e. indoor, outdoor and live display.

More than 24 laboratories under different technology clusters of DRDO connected to the aerospace and aeronautics are displaying their products and showcasing their achievements.

The participating clusters are – Aeronautical Systems, Missiles, Armaments & Combat Engineering, Electronics & Communication Systems, Micro electronics Devices & Computational Systems, Naval Systems & Materials and Life sciences.

In the Indoor Pavilion scaled models of LCA-Tejas variants viz., Airforce Mark-1, Medium Weight Fighter, Naval Variants and also Trainer variants are displayed. In addition scaled model of twin engine stealth aircraft namely AMCA (Advance Medium Combat Aircraft) is being displayed with audio-visual effect.

DRDO is also showcasing proven expertise in the field of Fighter aircraft Simulators design and development as well 360 degree immersive virtual experience kiosks and both these facilities will offer an insightful experience. In addition DRDO is also displaying demonstrative Virtual Design, Assembly and servicing of LCA Tejas aircraft virtual reality experience centre which will offer near real life experience to the visitors.

The outdoor display includes the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas, Limited Series Production version aircraft and Rustom-2 of 1:1 size. In addition, DRDO is also showcasing models of its proven products as well as futuristic Advanced Fighter aircraft with Stealth features at the Prestigious India Pavilion. Models of missiles developed by DRDO including Astra, QRSAM, MRSAM, Brahmos, will be showcased to emphasize the advances made in missile systems. Besides the Model of the upcoming MWF (Medium Weight Fighter) is being unveiled for the first time.

The highlight of DRDO’s participation at aero show is the aerial display of LCA Tejas by the 45th Squadron and flight display Airborne Early Warning & Control System (AEW&C).

Interactions with scientists, technologists and test pilots have also been planned by DRDO for the benefit of students and young entrepreneurs taking part in the show. A special event has also been organised on February 23 to showcase the achievements made by the DRDO Women Scientists in the Aerospace sector.

As a prelude to Aero India 2019, DRDO in association with the Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) is organising the 12th Aero India International Seminar at Bengaluru during February 18-19. This year the theme of the seminar is “Emerging Frontiers in Aerospace Technologies”. The Seminar is of global importance and provides best exposure to all participating professionals by bringing together the best in the field from all over the world.

More than 1000 delegates from R&D, Academia & industries are participating in the seminar including students. About 39 speakers of eminence from both India and abroad are giving talks leading to emergence of innovative ideas and scope for collaborative projects. These include speakers from Canada, France, Germany, Russia, UK and USA etc.

DRDO’s participation in Aero India – 2019 would definitely provide a platform for collaboration and evolve new opportunities to boost export of indigenous defence products.

DRDO welcomes one and all to its pavilion to get a first-hand account of capabilities of our nation and opportunity to share the pride of the vibrant DRDO community.

The mega event organised biennially has already carved a niche for itself globally as a premier aerospace exhibition in the world.