Eastern Naval Command Hosts French Atlantique-2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Airbus A400 Transport Aircraft

Indian Navy

Visakhapatnam: Eastern Naval Command of Indian Navy has accorded a warm welcome to the crew of two French aircraft – Atlantique-2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Airbus A400 French Transport Aircraft – at INS Dega in Visakhapatnam. Their visit is a notable chapter in the ongoing collaboration between the Indian and French navies, focusing on enhancing interoperability through bilateral exercises.

Atlantique-2 is operated by French Navy’s Flottille 23F. Its skilled air crew will have professional interactions with Indian Navy’s Dornier Squadron, INAS 311, stationed at INS Dega. This is to foster mutual understanding and lay the groundwork for cohesive multi-domain operations.

Both Indian Navy’s P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft and French Atlantique-2 have undertaken combined exercises over the Bay of Bengal. These exercises facilitate synergy and interoperability between the two naval forces, enhancing their ability to operate seamlessly in the maritime domain.

The presence of French naval assets in Indian seas underscores the growing importance of collaborative efforts in ensuring security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. They are a testament of the commitment the two navies have as “Net Security Providers” in the region. Beyond the strategic implications, the joint Indo-French exercises serve as a bridge of friendship between India and France.